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"Whales" Found Guilty on Many Counts

Greetings from Fireside Grace Ministries!

We'd like to share some of the prophetic words that have been fulfilled. We would like to preface that while the following prophecies have been fulfilled, this is not always a good thing. God speaks through Robyn and Brandi so that we can intercede and change things before they occur. They encourage every single reader to continually pray over the prophecies stated so that we can make a difference in the world. In sharing these fulfillments, Robyn and Brandi's intentions are to remind everyone that there is great power in corporate prayer and to never lose sight that God will do what He says He will do.

In a video titled, “CCP Crypto Currency Prophecy,” posted on June 8, 2021, Robyn prophesied, “Russia and China will begin making trade deals that severely undermine America. This is going to be something where it basically causes our economy to shut down what we send out of this country and it would cause us to go into more debt so we buy more products overseas.”

June 17, 2022, CNBC posted an article, stating, “Trade between China and Russia totaled $65.81 billion in the first five months of this year, up 28.9% from a year ago, according to China customs data. Most of the growth came from Chinese imports from Russia.”

Lord, we pray that this growing trade between Russia and China will not undermine us. We pray that our economy will grow stronger than it ever has before, we pray we will not have to buy more products overseas, and pray we will not get into more debt, in Jesus’ name.

In the same video, Robyn prophesied, “Iran will be found to have been enriching uranium to nearly, (and in some cases entirely), weapon grade levels. They will be discovered to be in possession of a few nuclear weapons.”

May 31, 2022, NBC News posted an article, stating, “Iran has accumulated enough enriched uranium to build a nuclear bomb, according to new findings from the United Nations atomic agency.”

God, we come against any attack, in Jesus name. We pray that this will be dealt with immediately and it will come to nothing. Protect your people, Lord. Stop any evil, in Jesus’ mighty name.

In a video titled, “A Glimpse of Bitcoins Future,” posted on December 17, 2021, Robyn prophesied, “Bitcoin will soon see a great shaking as many “whales” that own massive shares will have all their assets liquidated as they’re found guilty of treason, war crimes, crimes against humanity, etc. The Lord says, “be patient.” It will be quick as indictments become a common word in the media, you will see daily drops in bitcoin. God is leveling this mountain in order to make way for His children to control the financial mountain.”

April 13, 2022, Manhattan District Attorney’s Office posted an article, stating, “Manhattan District Attorney Alvin L. Bragg, Jr., today announced the indictment of ROBERT TAYLOR, 35, for operating an illegal Bitcoin ATM business that he marketed towards individuals engaged in criminal activity. TAYLOR operated Bitcoin kiosks in at least 46 locations in New York City, mostly in laundromats, as well as locations in New Jersey and Miami. Between 2017 and 2018, TAYLOR converted more than $5.6 million of his customers’ cash into Bitcoin while charging a fee of between 10% and 20%. TAYLOR is charged in a New York State Supreme Court indictment with multiple counts of Operating an Unlicensed Money Transmission Business, Criminal Tax Fraud in the Third Degree, and Offering a False Instrument for Filing in the First Degree.”

Thank you for reading!

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