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Israel vs Iran: Debrief

This is one of those ones where we don't want to be right. We don't want to have this be a prophecy fulfilled, but nonetheless, we have to. It is time to pray. 

It is really important to us as leaders in the community to debrief you on what God is saying is going on. We have been urging for people to pray, and people seem to be finally waking up. We have had words since 2020 about Israel so let it not be shocking to you that we’re seeing this happen right now. I do not want you to be in flight or fight. I want to bring some clarity to this situation so you can be empowered and know how God would want you to move forward during this time. 

I feel like we can not pray this away. While unfortunate, we have been praying since 2020. In June of 2020, I gave a word ? Would secretly raise up troops. At a different time, we prophesied Israel would take back their original scriptural land. We prophesied they would go to war with Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, etc… Right now, basically all of those nations are in league with Iran. Iran is using those nations to attack Israel right now. We need to continue to pray. I don't believe there is nothing we can do. This is the time for this to happen. It is time for us to go to war spiritually

Around 10:00 this morning, I started declaring out of my mouth, “we declare war.” Then I looked at Robyn about ten minutes later and realized God is saying it is time to declare war. The time is now. We were made for such a time as this. It is scary, it is vulnerable, and there are unknowns, but let me tell you what I do know. 

I heard the Lord telling me to say, “we declare war.” It is because He is declaring war on all things that are unholy. Israel and Iran are a manifestation of this, but God is declaring God everywhere. We are going to see major changes coming in many different arenas for people being held accountable for leading people into unholy things. 

I've been praying to loose new weapons to be sent forth that have not been used or known before. We tell the Lord that we are thankful to go to war in a new way. Every generation is joining in this cry, that we are thankful to go to war in a new way. God has prepared us for such a time as this. There comes a time in your training when you have to be sent out. It is time to be sent out. 

I see the darkness is turning. Stand back and watch as God gives us the direction for our flames to go, to purify what He would have us purify. We’ll be the flame, and He can be the torch. God is coming down on all things unholy. We go before the Lord to make a way. We want the Lord to have His way. 

Many of us prophetic people have talked about the solar eclipse because it was a big thing. It was beautiful how it had everyone looking up at the same time. We had a total eclipse here for about three minutes and what I felt in that moment was that He is sovereign. Don't forget, He can shut out the light. He is in control of the darkness. He is in control of making their light so the darkness can turn back into light. He is in control of all these things. We can trust Him, that He is bringing light into situations. When it was totally eclipsed, there was still light. Even in the darkness of the total eclipse, it could not shut out the total light of the sun.

I want to encourage you that the timing is in God’s hands. He is sovereign and just. He is not a man that He should be mocked. I heard God say, “they want to declare their “holy war,” but I’m declaring Mine first.” God is declaring a holy war right now on all things unholy. I think everyone that is fighting for unholiness and unrighteousness should watch out in this season. It is a time for unrighteousness to fall in every aspect. We pray for mercy to fall on them, but the Lord showed me that having war and these battles that are going on right now in our generation is mercy for the next generation. To get them out of the way, to get the confrontation done, to get the things dealt with. 

As the body of Christ, it is our job to prepare the way of the Lord. We do that in worship and prayer. I see friend’s gathering for prayer, declaring the will of the Lord. I’m not talking about a sobbing session. It is not time for that. It is time to war. Get out your tambourines, your flags, dance like you never have before, and worship like you never have before. That is what is going to unlock the new weapons of warfare, to go where they need to go, so God can do what He is trying to do. 

He said, “we are taking ground as the body of Christ that we don't know we’re taking.” We’re taking ground right now that we can't even see, but we can praise God and worship Him for taking this ground for us. That's where our hearts are going to be. We’re going to remain in a humble place of persistent prayer, mercy, forgiveness, and protection, with Him being our deliverer. However, He cannot be your deliverer if you can not trust Him to make decisions for you. 

In this time, it's really important we stand up and say, “we will make war on everything unholy. We join in the fight, we are equipped, and we are prepared for such a time as this.” Draw a line in the sand where the enemy cannot come in your life, where he cannot come against God’s people, and where he cannot come against Jerusalem. It is time to draw a line in the sand because if we don't, the enemy will continue to encroach upon that. Remember, God is going to disintegrate the plans of the enemy, some before they even happen during this time. 

We are to bless His holy name. Like a weapon in His hand, let our praises rise. I encourage you to get together with two or three people and worship and pray like never before. 

The other day, we were speaking about reconciliation. I want to encourage you again to reach out to people who you love, or even don't love. People who you have had issues with unforgiveness in the past, reach out to them. Apologize for anything you could have said or done to offend, hurt, or dishonor them. Ask for forgiveness. If there can be reconciliation and restoration, that would be awesome, but if not, you have to move forward. According to God’s plan, you have to let the relationship go. You have to move forward knowing that you will be the one crying out in the desert during this time. 

You have been called to awaken those around you. If anyone says, “I am in disbelief, I am in awe, I am in shock of what's happening right now…” tell them what God is saying about this. Go in, be a voice of comfort, tell them what the Bible says, what God has been telling you, or what the reputable prophets have been saying. Comfort them and say, “if you know how to hear the voice of God, you won’t be shocked by any of this. He tells His prophets first what's going to happen.”

Every person around you needs to be awakened or they will be shaken. This is a guarantee during this time. Pray for those that you love, pray for your friends and family, pray for our nation, pray for Israel, pray for the world to awaken to the voice of God before something bad needs to happen. 

When I was declaring, “we declare war,” I was seeing bombs, I heard alarms going off, and I heard people screaming for their lives. The Lord said, “if you will ask Me, I will be faithful to you, but so many people assume what I’m going to do and when I’m going to do it instead of coming to Me.” But if we will ask in His name, learn His way, humble ourselves, and repent of our wicked ways, He will save our land. He will save us, our friends, and our family. He will deliver us from evil. We need to get on our knees and seek His face like never before. 

If you don't know how to hear the voice of God, simply say, “I know how to hear the voice of God in Jesus’ name. He is my Shepherd, I am His sheep, and I hear and follow Him.” His sheep hear His voice and they know who He is. It is the lie of the enemy that you cannot hear God. You need to break that off of yourself. I shatter the lie of the enemy right now in Jesus’ name that you can't hear the word of the Lord. I declare you can, will, and you will speak into these situations and watch them change. 

God has the upper hand on the battle going on right now in Israel. No matter what it looks like. God told me, “you want to declare war? I am declaring war first.” The Lord goes before us. He is our banner and we take our weapons of praise up to heaven. The scripture says, “the Lord is exalted and enthroned on the praises of His people.” What does a king do when he’s on his throne? He reigns and rules. This means He can bring justice in those situations but He’s going to do it when He’s enthroned on the praises of His people. 

We enthrone You right now, God. We recognize what an awesome, beautiful, and strong God You are. What an all powerful and all knowing God You are. What a provider, deliverer, and protector You are. The God who sees! You see everything that is going on right now from Israel, to all the nations in the world, to our personal lives, and our homes. We thank You that You are not a God that would be mocked, that You are faithful, just, and You stick to Your word no matter what. Israel is completely protected. I have a crazy supernatural peace that surpasses human understanding.

I heard a part of a song, “there's people walking around with fingers in their ears. I don't want to hear the sound of the coming king. I was silent like a lamb, but in my silence, you thought I was altogether like you.” I held my peace for a long time, but now He is coming up, roaring like a lion. We're going to join Him in forces knowing we are equipped with every good thing that we need to accomplish that God told us to accomplish. Keeping in mind, this war and the battles that are going on right now has to happen right now. It has to be confronted so that all of the demonic strongholds that are in place can be torn down. 

Trust God with His methods. Your ways are not His ways. My ways are not His ways. We have to trust God with His timing and perfect plan. Nothing else will happen in Jesus’ name. I see Him going in and demolishing attacks before they even happen. I declare that these battles are over quickly and Israel progresses in victory very quickly in Jesus’ name.  

I prophesied on December 6, 2023, “I felt the Lord was saying America was about to declare war with Iran.”

I prophesied on October 9, 2023, “I pray for peace in Israel and the safety of the prisoners. I heard while I was praying that Israel would declare war with Iran and this would expose a very real nuclear threat.” We need to pray about this. 

I prophesied a major arms deal would be busted in Iran and that nuclear arms were discovered in Iran. 

October 7, 2022, I prophesied, “a revolution will come to Iran. This will be a critical moment where the Lord’s people begin to pray for reform into the nation. A big Christian movement will be birthed. I also saw a mass exodus out of Iran as it seemed like war ripped through the land. Greece and Turkey would be pressed to know how to respond to the increase of refugees as the exodus crosses those nations. 

August 11, 2022, I prophesied, “Iran will openly admit they have low yield nuclear weapons.” 

This is not to terrify you. This is for you to pray and shut it down now. To take out the shock factor of this, God’s been telling us this and several people in the body of Christ for a long time now. This is not new. 

June 24, 2022, I prophesied this on my birthday. “Iran believes they have an advantage over Israel because they have secretly created a few nuclear bombs and distributed some nuclear material to make dirty bombs. Israel will be protected and supernatural intervention will be seen worldwide even though some refuse to believe it. The truth is, God has already planned to blow up their perfectly functioning bombs over their land without allowing them to enter Israel. The whole nation will cry out, “surely the Lord has fought for us.” It will be a great time of joy as the house of Jacob worships God with a pure heart.”

This is something that is probably coming in the future. “Turbulent times are coming to Israel within the next year. Trump will vow to support Israel in an even greater measure in his second term. Israel will take back all of the land which is its rightful inheritance. In the midst of its turmoil, Netanyahu has been assigned to rebuild the temple for the final age. After the temple is rebuilt, there will be an invasion of sorts to try to destroy the temple. 

March 9, 2022, “Watch Iran. They will begin to threaten America and Israel, thinking they can get away with their attacks. They will cause judgment to come on the Ayatollah and much like the ? was consumed with worms, so the Ayatollah’s shall see his health consumed.”

March 17, 2021, “Tensions are coming to Israel and Iran in the coming days, pray for their safety.” 

June, 7, 2020, “Iran has already begun preparing soldiers and preparing for battle. The Ayatollah has plans to provoke the United States to fight. He will try to spark hatred and distrust in his nation. For all his wrath and malice, he shall come to nothing. A once proud and haughty country will be humbled by God.”

We know how it's going to end and what we will see in between. We have a pretty good idea of how to pray because we literally have four years of prophetic words about that time. We need to keep on praying. 

I am going to declare this to Iran from God, Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Israel. Get behind Me. I am coming through. I am armed and dangerous. I am like an army that is fed up with you, commanding you must get out of My way to go back where you came from. Go, I am telling you, no more. I am sick and tired of the lies, nothing you say can make me agree with you. I know the truth, nothing you do could make you break Me. You just don't know who you are messing with. I am God, the warrior. Go, I am telling you no more. Weapons of my warfare, they are not carnal. I am taking everything back at least seven times. I will raise my sword and make you wish you never even tried. I am telling you, no more. The victory is Mine. I am taking back everything at least seven times. I will raise my sword and make you wish you never even tried. I am telling you, no more. 

I declare this as a member of the body of Christ and for the body of Christ that is fighting all of these battles that come up, the natural disasters that come up, the mass shootings that have been happening, all the things going on right now. 

I am not afraid because I am not alone, so be on your way, Satan, there is nothing here for you. The battle has been already won. You are not worth my time, we are not messing with you anymore, we crush you on the floor. You haven't done anything but make us better warriors. We are telling you no more. 

This is how you draw a line in the sand. We are saying no more is he going to do these things to us in the body of Christ in Jesus’ name. 

Thank You, Lord, you are taking everything back at least seven times. I ask that You would awaken us in the middle of the night, morning, afternoon, evening, anytime you need us to pray. I pray we would come together with friends and family, or just Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to pray, just to say we are here for You, God. We are here to serve You. We honor You as Master. You reign and rule in our lives and we look to You for everything we have to say. 

I will not trust in chariots and horses, but I will trust in the Lord God who was our Deliverer. Who delivered Israel from Egypt, who will now deliver Israel out of the hands of the enemy, in Jesus’ name. 

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