Fulfillment & Mindset Coaching 

Helping You Walk in Your Calling 

Coaching is all about finding out what’s preventing you from operating in your calling.

Explore the various types of coaching to determine where to start:

Relationship Coaching:

Walking through any issue in any relationship you may be encountering and coaching through how to set boundaries and operate in healthy relationships.


Spiritual Coaching (Christian):

  • Walking in Your Identity in Christ

  • Walking in the Character of Christ pt. 1

  • Walking in the Character of Christ pt. 2

  • Remaining Abstinent While Single

  • Hearing God's Voice

  • Operating in the Prophetic

  • Intro to Worship Dance

  • Understanding and Expelling Jezebel in Your Life

  • New Christian Beliefs Course: Understanding the Christian Faith

  • Guide to Christian Ethics pt. 1

  • Guide to Christian ethics pt. 2

  • Understanding and Accurately Interpreting Dreams

  • Drawing Near to the Heart of the Father

  • Biblical Truth About Healing and How to Operate in it


Business coaching: 

Brandi personally provides -  

  • Trouble shooting issues within your team

  • Trouble shooting issues limiting growth: 

  • Upstarting a new business


Crisis Coaching:

Period of time in which we walk through a crisis with you to help prevent trauma and establish a new normal after your life crisis.