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Dream Symbol: Black

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Black, a color that elicits such strong reactions in all people. It is commonly associated with death, darkness and things that are being hidden, but there is so much more to black than just our perception of darkness.

I associate the color black with the number zero. In original Hebrew there was no number for ‘0.’ the closest translation they had was the word none, or no. Lamed, and aleph are the letters used to spell the Hebrew word none (lo). When flipped around they are aleph and lamed (el) which is one of the names for God. In this instance 0 is the number indicating the deep hidden things of God.  Zero doesn’t have its own value by itself, but it helps to increase the value of other numbers. What was once 1 is now 10 etc. The number zero is a call from God to peer into his deepness and seek out the things that he has hidden. After all, “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.” Proverbs 25:2. 

Much in the same manner, black enhances other colors. Adding black to any color changes the shade of the color and creates a new color. Black is needed to add depth, and variation of hue. This is very similar to how zero adds to other numbers by increasing their value 10 x's or more.

In the bible The color black is used to describe a person that is a hard worker that spends their time in the sun working the vineyards. This would equate to black as representing hard work for the lord that produces fruit (Song Of Songs 1:5). In Zechariah 6, black is associated with a strong Horse, thus black can represent power and strength.

The number 0 is not the only number that can be associated with black. if you look at the gemstones on the breastplate of judgment then you will be able to get an idea of what numbers and colors are associated with what traits and aspects and why God chose even the children of Israel to be born in what order.

We see in Joseph's (the 11th son) blessing from Jacob the characteristics associated with Joseph ,and with his future that gives us more indication of the positive aspects of the color black. It can represent fruitfulness, the prophetic, revelation from heaven, ability to access the deep things of God, and it may represent wealth and prosperity.

Onyx is the eleventh gem on the breastplate of judgment. The eleventh son is Joseph. The number 11 in Hebrew shares many of the negative aspects of the color black. It can represent being out of order, disorganized, incompleteness, or to be lacking .Eleven can be associated with the prophetic realm, or its counterfeit, divination (realm of witchcraft). Eleven is usually associated with doing what is right in your own eyes which is living by flesh. Therefore it can represent the Anti-Christ spirit.

Some more negative connotation of black is death, war, emptiness, sin, judgment, mourning, rebellion, anxiety. You can find a multitude of bible verses that will give you an idea of black as being negative because it is a color that is typically associated with the enemy of God. This was a little bit longer than the usual blog post about colors, but there is a wealth of knowledge that is associated with black. I hope this brought light to your life, and revelation to your world. be blessed.

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