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Dreaming of Losing Teeth

Going Beyond the Dream Interpretation into Action

Many of us have had at least one dream in which we dreamed that our teeth were falling out. Our dream symbol guide points out that this could mean that we are struggling and/or losing the ability to be able to process something. Depending on the teeth, or parts of the teeth, that are lost in the dream, for example, the crown of a tooth, the eyetooth, molars, etc. all have a more specific meaning attached to them. In order to discover what a symbol means in dreams, in this case, teeth, we must ask the simple question, "What is the purpose of teeth?" The answer is obviously to chew on things, to break things down and so forth. Thus, we get to phrases such as "Chew the fat," or "Here's some info to chew on." Both colloquialisms represent the ability to process information or discuss something in length.

As always, we take these meanings back to God and ask the Holy Spirit to shine the light in the area or area(s) in our lives that we are struggling with the ability to process. Processing something is often referred to as wisdom.

Obtaining the interpretation of our dreams takes both faith and wisdom, both of which are direct gifts from God. For example, it took Daniel having the faith to pray and believe he would hear from God what Nebuchadnezzar’s dream was and to receive the wisdom to interpret it. He says that he obtained the meaning of the dream from

God’s wisdom and not his own. (See Daniel 2:23).

This is one of the major hang-ups that we see with dreamers when we are teaching people to interpret dreams. A person will try to interpret the dream, not feel as though they got it right and then say, 'I need help. I can't get this one." I am guilty of catching myself doing this as well. I have noticed that when this happens, we typically turn to another person that we feel is more gifted in interpretation to do the work for us. However, what he should do is turn to the Holy Spirit and wait on him to reveal the answer to us. This may include sitting and praying in the spirit for a while, not focusing on the dream, or just doing some good old-fashioned Bible study on the choice words and phrases that are stumping you.

Whatever it is that you decide to do to get the interpretation of this dream, always remember to ask the Holy Spirit for guidance.

Not understanding a dream, a scripture, a sermon preached, a vision or whatever it is that you don't understand is not a bad thing. It is, however, a call into intimacy with God. It's a call into a greater revelation and wisdom that is released from seeking the hidden mysteries of God. After all, It's the glory of God to conceal a matter; it's the glory of kings to seek the matter out.

Since we have the faith to believe for and then receive the interpretation of our teeth dreams, let us not forget that we must now ask for the wisdom of what to put into action regarding the meaning of the dream. This time, we have dreamed of our teeth falling out, so it will be beneficial for us to seek revelation from the Holy Spirit regarding which area of life we are unable to process right now, and why. Then let’s declare that we are able to process because the truth is that we have the mind of Christ. If we lack wisdom, let us ask for wisdom and it will be granted to us (James 1:5). The beginning of wisdom and knowledge is the fear of God; so let us ask for more holy reverence for God (See Proverbs 1:7 and Proverbs 9:10).

All the while having our teeth fall out in our dreams may feel negative and unpleasant, the positive take away is that God allowed the dream to be revealed so that we can move forward in an area Satan is trying to hold us back in.

Something that I can share with you that will help you be able to grasp how the interpretation of the dream can be applied to your life is that you must remove the rose-colored lenses that hinder your spiritual eyesight. One tactic that we teach in our dream course is that you need to step back from the dream be it your dream or someone's dream you are interpreting, and remove yourself from the dream entirely.

What do I mean by that? Great question! When I was first starting to interpret dreams, I had a difficult time interpreting my own dreams. I was too self-absorbed. I found myself always struggling and putting weird twists on things that made the interpretation partly right, but a little off. I never had that "Ah-Ha! moment" as John Paul Jackson put it.

I prayed for quite a while, weeks, maybe even months, and eventually Holy Spirit told me to step back from the dream and insert someone else into it such as a cartoon character, a movie character, a friend and so forth. By following the leading of the Holy Spirit, I was able to look at the dream from a fresh perspective that revealed the interpretation with a 100% ah-ha moment rating.

What do I mean by insert another person into the dream? Anywhere you wrote "I", replace that with the name of your choice, he, they, him, her, whatever works for you. read back to yourself as though a friend was asking you to interpret the dream. This helps you to remove the soul filter that is hiding the dream interpretation. For example, instead of saying I went was floating down a river and fish were jumping at me; you could say, Tome was floating down a river and fish were jumping at him. Then you just determine what the elements or symbols meant such as the river, and the fish. These two symbols represent going with the flow or the move of God's spirit and people that you are evangelizing to. Replace those symbols with the meanings and it will read back like this, Tom is flowing in the spirit and people he is evangelizing to are coming to him.

I look forward to sharing more of what to do with the beautiful interpretations we receive in the upcoming weeks. If you have a dream you don’t know what to do with please comment below and we will be glad to seek God in how to best guide you.

Abundant blessings and God dreams to you!

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