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Prophecy Fulfilled - The Return of Israel's Leader

Greetings from Fireside Grace Ministries!

We'd like to share some of the prophetic words that have been fulfilled. We would like to preface that while the following prophecies have been fulfilled, this is not always a good thing. God speaks through Robyn and Brandi so that we can intercede and change things before they occur. They encourage every single reader to continually pray over the prophecies stated so that we can make a difference in the world. In sharing these fulfillments, Robyn and Brandi's intentions are to remind everyone that there is great power in corporate prayer and to never lose sight that God will do what He says He will do.

In a video titled, “Faith is Rebellion,” posted on November 28, 2021, Robyn prophesied, “Markets will continue to fluctuate and even drop as worry over a shut down of the economy looms. Politicians and the media will speak of imminent shut down in fear of the spreading omicron variant.”

December 20, 2021, NPR posted an article, stating, “Stocks dropped as investors worried about how the omicron variant would impact the global economy after several countries imposed restrictions.”

God, we come against any fear. We thank you that covid has subsided! Have your way in our economy. Protect people’s finances and get rid of covid and all variants as a whole, in Jesus’ name.

In the same video, posted on November 28, 2021, Robyn prophesied, “Supply chain crisis averted as ships are dispersed nationwide.”

December 22, 2022, Reuters posted an article titled, “Christmas supply-chain crisis has been averted, Biden and FedEx CEO declare.”

We thank you, God, that this was averted, especially before Christmas! We pray that everyone's packages will make it on time this Christmas as well, in Jesus’ name.

In a video titled, “The Golden Dome Falls,” posted on May 26, 2022, Robyn prophesied, “Expect to see Benjamin Netanyahu back in office very soon. That will be something you can count on.”

November 3, 2022, CNBC posted an article titled, “Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu makes comeback as PM Lapid concedes defeat.”

Lord, we thank you that he is back in office! We pray you use him mightily in Israel. Guide and direct every decision he makes, in Jesus’ name, amen.

Thank you for reading!

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