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Hearing in the Spirit

We’ve done all of the senses of the spirit in brief. Today, we are going to cover the final sense of the spirit, hearing. This is one of the most common spiritual senses that We see used in the Body of Christ. It’s an important sense, as are all the senses, to hone and refine.

There is a multitude of voices trying to speak to you daily and sometimes it can be hard to tell when something is God or the enemy. To fully understand your spiritual sense of hearing represents in dreams and your spiritual walk in life, we need to understand the word in Hebrew.

The Hebrew word is Shema. You may have heard this word in the phrase Shema, Yisrael. The word Shema has many meanings but most often means to hear. However, it can also mean to give heed, obey, obedience, proclaim, understand, or comprehend. Just like all of the other senses of the body, hearing is dealing with discernment. In the Hebraic culture, Shema emphasizes a physical reaction to something you heard. It implies that when you hear something you obey, take heed, or do what you are told. When you read verses such as Genesis 3:17 and Psalm 81:11 you see this idea of listening as taking an action or being obedient. In Genesis 3:17 God says because you heeded your wife’s voice... this signifies to us that not only did Adam hear what Eve said, but he obeyed and took action. It’s interesting that we typically picture Adam as just taking the fruit and eating, but in actuality what happened was there was a convincing conversation that occurred between the husband and his wife. This was a reproduction of what satan had just don’t to deceive Eve (please note that I am not saying a husband and wife talking, or a woman talking to her husband is demonic, or that women are evil in any way shape or form).

Shema is spelled shin, mem, ayin. The first letter, shin, is the 21st letter in the Hebrew alphabet as well as the number 300. This represents teeth, to chew on, think about, destroy, ponder, Fire, or tongues of fire. This gives us an indication that the art of hearing God is founded in thinking about and “meditating” upon something. To chew it or process it.

The next letter is mem. As we know from a previous episode, this represents life, death, water, judgment, wilderness, chaos, to be torn, A snare, to be the “best part” (the fat or anointing). This gives a sense that we need to process and think about or chew on what we hear and discern if that brings life or death. Finally, our last letter is ayin. This is the 16th letter of the Hebrew alphabet and therefore is the number 16, and the number 70. This represents a double portion of 8; new beginnings without limit; the eye, a well of water; vision; lingering with the Father. All of these letters speak to us in a spiritual sense. This lets us know that hearing something has a duplicitous nature. All three letters indicate that what’s been spoken must be processed because it has the power of life and death and can lead to wandering in the wilderness or a double portion of “anointing.” Now we can understand that when we hear something in a dream it can represent a discerning of spirits. On the other hand, this can represent being told or informed of something. For instance, we would say, “Did you hear the news today?” If someone is not hearing you or you can’t hear someone, this can represent a break down of communication or simple disobedience. It’s like when we say, “They don’t hear what I’m saying. It goes in one ear and out the other.” This implies a lack of comprehension which leads to disobedience.

I could go on forever on this topic. if you want to hear more, please listen to our podcast, The Reality of Dreams on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or Anchor. if you are interested in learning to interpret dreams, here's a link to our 5 cd set on dream interpretation (Click the Picture).

Thanks for reading! We love you!

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