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Sivan: Receive Your Suddenly and Restore a Refreshed Foundation!

Sivan: A Monthly of Receiving Your Suddenly!

Hebraically we are in the month of Sivan. What does this mean for us according to Biblical times? It means that it’s time to harvest what we’ve been sowing! It’s time to receive revelation in a new way that it has not been given before; a month to celebrate the love of, goodness of, compassion towards, fathership of, and faithfulness of God to us! It is a key time to trust and know that God is fighting your battles for you. He sees the injustice being done to you and wants you to know that He has not gone anywhere! He is right by your side, fighting the battle for you and He desires that you would feel and see Him as the Lord of Hosts during this time!

In the Bible, the month of Sivan was when the Torah (book of instruction to help us hit our mark, or target) was given to Moses. It is a time when there were great harvests gathered from what had been planted, and because of this a time with an abundance of gatherings and celebrations within the community with thankful hearts for the fruit of their labor that God Himself produced.

While preparing to teach on the month of Sivan a few weeks ago, I had 2 visions in a dream. The Lord said very clearly that this is a time when it looks like the enemy’s plans are prospering around you but that looks can be deceiving, because what’s going on in the most real realm, the spirit realm, is that the Lord of Hosts has sent the arch angel Michael to deploy his army of angels to go fight the battles that need to be fought in the second heavens to get you your breakthrough, miracle, your SUDDENLY that you need in this time and hour. The Lord of hosts is sending angels out right now to deliver your miracle! It’s a month of hope restored and long awaited prayers answered!

First, I had a vision that there are many in this hour that feels as though they have shifted from being well established to needed to establish another platform. I saw that they still had their foundations, but that it was time to rebuild the walls again, as though it’s time to shift to reaching people in a different way.

Next, the Lord stated through the next vision that, “It is time to lay a new foundation.” There was snow on the ground and it was pure white. It was the grace of the Lord covering our previous foundations up, and we needed to place a new foundation down before the snow melted away. This told me this is a NOW word, that we must lay our new foundation now and not tarry or hesitate, or wait. Now is the grace period we have to lay our new foundation.

I had been praying for God to show me what laying a new foundation would look like since He was speaking to me about it, and because I didn’t particularly think I needed to lay a new one (ha!). He answered this in the same vision. He began to say, “When we declare what was the old foundation and then declare the goodness of God over it, we will lay each piece of our new foundation until it is complete.” Then proceeded to show me what this looked like. He said, “Say, I was depressed, but God is good! I was _____________ (fill in the blank) but God is good!” And every single time he said the ‘God is good’ portion, it was with a voice like thunder and lightening struck down a single piece of our foundation. We were to keep declaring this until all the pieces were laid. He pieces were laid to complete a circle, like a sundial.

The Lord is saying to us, this is a season to be thankful for Him revealing Himself to us in all His righteousness, in all His glory, and who He is as the Lord of Hosts! It’s a month to give the first fruit of our harvest, and to make special time to gather together just to celebrate the fruit God produced for us because only He can make the harvest grow. It’s a time to seek Him for revelation that will change nations as it is revealed simply out of a place of intimacy with you and love for His body. As we move forward right now, let us take this opportunity to allow the grace and forgiveness of God to gently cover our past struggles, and lay our foundation for the future by declaring that, NO MATTER WHAT, GOD IS GOOD!

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Abundance in Him,

Brandi Cunningham

Owner, FSG Ministries

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