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Getting Committed to Bringing Healing

If you want healing or want to minister healing to others, this post is for you.

This morning it is on my heart to write to you about healing. It is time for the body of Christ to walk in the fullness of healing. It is no longer time for us to only walk in the assurance of salvation and not of healing, and I fully believe I was placed here on planet earth to help every one of you understand this. This may be a long post but bear with me.

I do not come to you in offense, or out of a biased opinion. I am writing to you based on the revelations I have been receiving from the Holy Spirit and from studying the Bible. This may sound terrible, but most of this revelation I have learned from being out of mainstream Christianity. I have had to seclude myself, while still maintaining fellowship with the Saints, to un-doctrinate myself to be able to hear what the Bible says clearly instead of reading it through the lenses of perspective the church and media had given me about God and His Word. Through this process, I have learned much more than I ever had about the truth of healing.

To give you a snippet of my background, I began volunteering full time in a nursing home at the age of 9. My grandmother got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases and we couldn’t take care of her anymore at home, she required 24/7 care nonstop for her safety. I was still young and I have a brother and my mom and dad just couldn’t do it at home at the level she needed it. I understand. I remember. It was hard. This led to me finding out that I love the sick and elderly and knew I was called to minister to them my entire life. I worked there full time until I was 18, and came back at 19 as a charge nurse. I obtained multiple certifications and science degrees, with an emphasis on biochemistry, as well as two nursing licenses, and had planned on going into research to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

All of my past shaped me, and I wouldn’t take it back for anything. I wouldn’t change anything. However, sometimes I wished someone would have looked me in the eyes, put their hands on my shoulders, and said, “Brandi, you have the cure. His name is Jesus.” Maybe someone did, and I just couldn’t hear it.

That seems so simple, right? Yes, and it is simple. The Gospel is simple, and if anyone tries to tell you otherwise pray for them. The one place that we expect Jesus to be made simple is the church, right? Well, the church has been hurting. The church has been confused because of praying and not seeing results, because of multiple reasons for not operating in the fullness of the power of Jesus, usually to no fault of our own. However, I just want to pray for you today. I pray that a hunger rises within you to seek to walk in the power and authority that Jesus Christ did and to not accept no for an answer when it comes to healing. I pray for you to seek God for His truth, which is our beloved, Jesus Christ. If we believe that Jesus came and died on the cross for us and that we are saved, we should, with just as much faith, believe that we were healed by what Jesus did for us at the cross. According to Curry Blake, they should be the same message. We shouldn’t be preaching salvation without also preaching healing. We shouldn’t believe salvation without also being 100% sure that we WERE healed at the cross. Jesus said in John 14:12, “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these because I am going to the Father.” This should be simple to us. It is not a pride issue to think that we can do more than Jesus did, because we have now conformed to the image of Christ and are being Jesus, and can’t do anything we do without the power of the Holy Spirit, which is also Jesus because they are one, living inside of us. We have more time than Jesus had on planet earth, and because of this Scripture alone, we are to do what He did and to do more than Jesus did. Now that we’ve established these things, I will get back on topic.

A few years ago I was driving to see a patient one day, and God said, “Brandi, how is a diagnosis made?” I replied, “Well God, through diagnostic studies of all sorts such as blood tests, flesh wound cultures, MRIs, CAT scans, the list goes on.” God replied, “So you test flesh and blood to find out what is wrong with someone and then treat the flesh and blood. Is this what I’m hearing you say?” “Yes,” I replied. Then God got silent for a while, and it hit me. What hit me, you might ask. Well, let me tell you. The complete understanding that I had been part of a system that battles sickness in a futile way. The fact that medicine will never be the cure for diseases, and that I was deceived into believing that if I could find the problem I could help cure it. What’s wrong with that you say? The truth is that the battle is VERY SPECIFICALLY, “…not against flesh and blood.” See Ephesians 6:12 that continues like this, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” So, I realized, in that exact moment in time, that I had been fighting the battle all wrong. Yes, I was praying for people to be healed while treating them as a nurse, but then I continued to fight the flesh and blood. God used every moment I worked in the medical field for His good, and I got to see a lot of people pulled out of the fires of hell while they were dying, and have countless great memories and stories, but for me personally, I realized all of a sudden I was called to minister to the sick and pray for them until they were completely healed, and not just treat them with medicine when my initial prayers were not being answered. I realized that the whole time I spent studying the medical field, which, trust me, was more years than I can express, was most likely supposed to go into studying healing in the Word of God because Jesus is truly the only one that can set people free, heal, and deliver us.

As you may conclude on your own, this has led to a night and day study for me of how to bring healing to people from Jesus inside of me to them. Let us that have been, or haven’t been, in the medical field become just as determined to help people get healed from Jesus as we once were to get them healed under our care in medicine. Let us not compromise. Jesus is enough, and the work has already been done. Let us not cease to pray until we have results. Pray, pray, and pray some more. We are all called to administer healing to the sick, but from my experience, I have found that those that have suffered or fought with more sickness in their lives than others tend to have an emphasis on their lives to focus on ministering healing. If you have fought sickness often, just know that Satan doesn’t want you to fully believe in healing. He doesn’t want you to feel healed, because he knows if he can manipulate your feelings that it can wear at your mind. However, we must always be aware of the strategies of the enemy, staying on guard and wearing the armor that is outlined for us in Ephesians 6. We must become almost militant, to where we are stronger in mind than Satan that’s trying to get at it through tormenting our bodies.

If you are battling any type of sickness, let us pray for you. Send us your prayer requests at If you are struggling with 100% believing that all sickness and diseases were paid for at the cross, email us to talk about it. A lot of it could do with hope deferred, and we want to help you through those hurdles, not judge you for them, because we’ve all been there. I’m getting set free every day continually and learning new areas to trust God concerning healing.

I want to say to you that if you have ever prayed for someone to be healed and they haven’t been that you could witness, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for the confusion, anger, and pain this caused you. I’m sorry for your loss. I have prayed and not had the results I wanted, too, and have lost many friends and loved ones. However, there’s more. I don’t have all the answers to the why questions involved here, but I promise you I am seeking them, and I beckon you to seek them with me.

We love you all and pray that you are stirred up in a new way after reading this today, that you will take the time that it takes to renew your minds in the Word of God and seek Him until you find Him in regards to healing. We encourage you, that no matter how long you have been fighting a disease not to give up, because since Jesus paid the price for your complete healing, we know that the sickness is caused by a principality of evil. Therefore, we know that the Bible says that if we resist evil it will flee. Stand your ground and resist evil, knowing that Satan can do nothing but lie, so if you feel symptoms of sickness you know the opposite is true, that you are healed, and if you resist long enough Satan will have no choice but to flee.

Here’s to living life in abundance,


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Hi Brandi,

Thank you for this post that I am reading almost a year after you were moved to write it. It is amazing how books or the internet can take time out of the equation so that what was relevant to you last year to write is just as relevant to me this year to read. It is as though you and Jesus tucked a gem away for me to hunt for and find. Thank you for being faithful!

Anyway, healing has been on my mind and I have been listening to the sermons of John G. Lake, and believing that God wants His ministry to move into a radical place where healing and salvation are the same, where…



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