Fireside Grace Ministries helps individuals, ministries, and cities to live into their full potential through discipleship into Jesus Christ. We speak the truth using the gifts of the Spirit to bring clarity to the body of Christ on issues that seem confusing in this modern age. Our Goal to is to guide the church body in such a way that connects ethics, values, character and morals of our ancestors into the present and future generations by creatively bringing the wisdom of the past, the wisdom of The Ancient of Days, and the wisdom of our elders into the present, and striving to bridge the gaps of the generations in between. Together we teach on topics such as current issues, dream interpretation, learning how to hear God's voice, anointing, slaying sacred cows and so much more. We look forward to starting a relationship with you and watching you walk into the fullness of whom you are meant to be in Christ Jesus. 

Tax deductible receipts will not be provided.  Fireside Grace is not a 501(c)3.  


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    Here at Fireside Grace, building personal character is of the utmost importance to us. We will not be just mentoring you, we will be establishing a relationship. We will exhort you into living a better life and draw out your fullest potential. By mentoring with us you will begin and maintain walking as the best person you can be, as well as teaching you to walk in the Fullness of Christ daily. 

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Dream Training

This Dream Dictionary isn't like any other.


It is intended to help you, the dreamer, to dismantle enemy strongholds, tear down arguments that cause offense, and build up the kingdom of God. When this tool is properly utilized, it will destroy the work of the enemy and bring light to God’s plan for your life, and this world and reveal the cryptic messages God has spoken to you in His parabolic love language.

Symbol Guide

White Night Sky Autobiography Book Cover

Learn to interpret dreams from the Comfort of your own home, at your own pace. 

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This course is more than just learning how to interpret dreams. When Brandi and I designed this course our intentions were to not only teach you to interpret, but also to disciple you into the fullness of Christ. Interpreting dreams is not just a fun past time to us; this is a tool to evangelize that has had tried, tested, and proven results on a regular basis.