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Failed Gun Control Laws

Greetings from Fireside Grace Ministries!  

We'd like to share some of the prophetic words that have been fulfilled. We would like to preface that while the following prophecies have been fulfilled, this is not always a good thing. God speaks through Robyn and Brandi so that we can intercede and change things before they occur. They encourage every single reader to continually pray over the prophecies stated so that we can make a difference in the world. In sharing these fulfillments, Robyn and Brandi's intentions are to remind everyone that there is great power in corporate prayer and to never lose sight that God will do what He says He will do.  

In a video titled, “Flash Crash 23,” posted on May 24, 2023, Robyn prophesied, “The first thing I saw was a crypto crash. I saw a drop coming in crypto currency and it was a pretty significant drop where I saw Bitcoin had gone down under 24,000 something. What I see is like 23,000 or something, and that is a significant drop from where it is. I had a sense that the Lord said in this time, it will be short lived, it's not going to last a really long time. The Lord said that's the perfect time to invest because things are going to turn around rapidly. Rapidly, as in sometime this year or something like that. I heard the Lord say that this year, Bitcoin would have substantial growth, that you would see a doubling from its previous low.” 

June 15, 2023, Finbold stated in an article, “Just as it started to near back the critical threshold of $26,000, Bitcoin (BTC) experienced a sharp decline to below $25,000, raising concerns that it could drop further amid a stream of regulatory attacks against participants in the cryptocurrency market.”

June 22, 2023, Crypto News stated in an article, “Bitcoin's price has surged above the $30,000 level, marking a significant milestone not seen since April.”

Lord, we thank You that this word has come to pass! We pray that You will give all those who have invested or who are looking to invest wisdom and guidance on their decisions, in Jesus, name. 

In a video titled, “Israel, Shiva, and The Anointing,” posted on September 9, 2021, Robyn prophesied, “Another round of violence and volatile exchanges between Palestine and Israel are about to transpire. The Lord said to pray for the peace of Israel.”

February 24, 2023, the Guardian stated in an article, “Palestinians and Israelis are both suffering, and this pains me. This is precisely why the article illustrates a problem in the wider discourse – the denial of, and refusal to accept, Israeli suffering. In 2022, Israelis suffered from over 5,000 Palestinian terror attacks, including car-rammings, shootings, stabbings and bombings targeting innocent men, women and children on the streets of Israel. This is the reality on the ground. On 10 February, for example, a Palestinian drove his car into a crowded bus stop, killing three people, including two brothers aged six and eight. Just imagine you or your loved ones falling victim to such abhorrent terror on your way to work. This is precisely why Israel’s counter-terrorism apparatus exists, because without it I dread to think how many more zeros would be added to that 5,000 total.”

God, we pray You will comfort those who lost loved ones in these horrific tragedies. We pray that the numbers of these terror attacks will drop and be no more. We pray for peace and blessings over Israel now, in Jesus’ name. 

In the same video, Robyn prophesied, “New gun control laws are going to be pushed from congress. That's going to be relatively soon. They are basically going to try to remove guns from the hands of Americans period. If they could, they'd like to remove the second amendment, but it's not going to go that far. This would be the result of a man's shooting in america. We need to pray that the mass shooting does not happen.”

May 26, 2022, New Hampshire Bulletin stated in an article, “Calls for new gun legislation that previously failed to pass Congress are being raised again after the May 24 mass shooting at an elementary school in the small town of Uvalde, Texas.”

Lord, we do pray for protection over our rights to bear arms, but we also pray that these shootings will stop. We declare all plans of the enemy will be thwarted now. We pray You will be the comforter and healer to all of those affected by these shootings, in Jesus’ name, amen. 

Thank you for reading! We'd love to pray for you! 

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Greetings from Fireside Grace Ministries! We'd like to share some of the prophetic words that have been fulfilled. We would like to preface that while the following prophecies have been fulfilled, thi


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