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Dream Symbol: Bees

There is something about bees that seems to drive fear into most people hearts. When I was a child, I was afraid of bees of all varieties because three wasps had stung brother horribly when he was picking berries in the field behind our house in Mohawk, NY. I remember him screaming and crying, and swelling up because he was allergic and my mom had to get an epi-pen and stab him with it. I never wanted to be stung by a bee. When I saw them I ran away.

As I got older, more specifically when I became a Christian, I stopped fearing them. I heard John Paul Jackson teach that what you fear you empower. I watched a documentary on bees and I learned that they attack you more if you are afraid and you run away. If you don't act like a threat to the hive or their lives then they will typically not bother you. That rings true in dreams and in the spirit realm as well.

   Everyone has had a dream about bees at some point. Typically, they are frightening. In a dream, bees will usually represent attacks of the enemy. Much like snakes, they have stinging "tales." A snake is a long tail or lying spirit (as in stretches the truth). Snakes are usually lying spirits, witchcraft, gossip, and slander, though sometimes they will represent craftiness and intelligence. Bees are very much the same way in dreams.

     One night, Brandi dreamed that there was a bee in our bed trying to sting us and she killed it in the dream. When we woke up, we were making the bed and there was a dead hornet in our bed. That represented the enemy trying to get between our intimacy and attack our unity and she killed it taking away the power of the enemy to attack us anymore. The parallels between dreams and real life are uncanny.

A bee has a stinging tail (tale). This represents a story, lie, or hurtful words. Their tales are poisonous and they are supposed to be used in self-defense or defense of a colony. This is how the enemy operates in the spirit realm as well. The enemy is trying to defend their hive or nest and that means they will attack you to prevent you from endangering what they are trying to build up and maintain.

      If you have a dream where bees are swarming you and attacking you and trying to sting you then it would be safe to deduce that the enemy is trying to use people around you to attack you with gossip, lies, slander, or some type of story to hurt you and get a reaction out of you.

What Brandi and I have noticed is when we are going through something the enemy tries to come at us straight forward at first. They speak and try to tell us that this will happen and that won't happen and all manner of things. We rebuke the enemy and then declare that the exact opposite is going to happen and we will get a reward 7 times greater because the enemy is a liar and that is all he can do. There is no truth in him. therefore, if the enemy says something then you know the opposite of what they are saying is what God's will is.

What you will see after their boldfaced attacks don't work is those same demons will then go and try to speak through friends, family members, random people around you, or whoever they can use to try to get a rise out of you. if you pay attention you will notice they are speaking of the same topics you just declared, and they will typically side with the enemy. This is why it's so important to know how to fight spiritual warfare battles properly.

      Paul Teaches us in 2 Corinthians 10 that our weapons are not carnal and we do not wage war in the flesh. Then in Ephesians 6:12, Paul tells us that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood. Our warfare is with the spirit realm and we fight those battles by spiritual warfare and not through trying to do it in our own flesh. That's why most people lose the battle to pornography, alcohol, or other addictions; the battle isn't won by your own strength of flesh and mind but by warring in the spirit. When you have a dream that bees, or anything else, is attacking you then you should immediately retaliate by praying in the spirit, reading the word, declaring the promises of God over your life, worshiping, or whatever way you go through spiritual warfare.

      I recently had a dream that I was trying to come against a spiritual ruler name Trafalgar (I don't pick the names of these things). He sent his workers to try to attack me and they were bees. I saw them and breathed on them and froze them. Later that week every time my wife and I would pull into our driveway we would be dive-bombed by a nest of angry black and white gigantic hornets that no one has seen before in their years of living there. Truth be told, we were a little on edge not wanting to be stung or get our stung so we waited until they subsided. After a while, we started cursing them in Jesus name and they would leave. Then I just decided I was going to get out of the car and kill them all. they all left and I haven't seen them since.

Bees are not always a bad thing in dreams. Honey bees make honey. That is a condiment or food that doesn't mold or go bad. It is likened to the everlasting word of God. It is also a sweetener that you can add to drinks. In the Bible, it is also a refreshment to war wearied soul. In those cases, bees are workers that diligently work to provide for their church, family, and people around them. In Joshua 24:12 God sent hornets to drive out the Amorites. This shows that a hornet in a dream could also be representing a plague or a judgment from God.

      The best way to deal with these is to not panic. Don't run. Stand and face your fears and stand your ground. The enemy will flee if you resist him. James 4:7 "Submit yourselves to God; resist the devil and he will flee." Fight! Use your words to counter the words and lies of the enemy and remember that your warfare, your battle, is not against the person (the flesh) it's against the demon that is operating behind the scenes trying to use people to hurt you and get under your skin.

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