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Armed Struggles In Heavenly Realms

Many of us today are aware that there is spiritual warfare happening all around us. However, we seem to just take the bible at its word yet never seem to fathom that there is an actual enemy letting loose fiery arrows, constructing ramparts and various siege weapons to lay waste to our lives. Thankfully for us, God has promised No weapon formed against you shall prosper.

There are a variety of different categories of Dreams and one of those is Spiritual warfare dreams. I feel as though warfare dreams are one of the top three dream types Brandi and I come across in our adventures translating the seemingly cryptic messages God has spoken to others in their dreams.

Inside your heart is the Kingdom of God. Everything outside of the Kingdom of God is in the kingdom of darkness. You can have greater areas of Kingdom expanding from within you but you must be sure to identify which kingdom has possessed your heart, and which kingdom you are operating from. Make no mistake, there is no neutral ground. God has nothing in common with darkness. Every Kingdom has barrier or a border of some sort. People that are enemies of that kingdom may not enter, and if they do it is either because they are welcomed, they are prisoners, they are intruding without permission, or they have over taken the walls and now inhabit the Kingdom. The enemy of God is well aware of this and exploits that fact that most Christians don't make a concerted effort to protect the Kingdom within them.

The ones that have anything to do with both Light and darkness are human beings. People speak curses over people simply by complaining against someone then turn and bless their neighbor after they sneeze. People go to church one day, then later that day go home and watch films about demons or partake in immorality that is not in line with Kingdom living. People allow themselves to be used to attack others. They sell themselves as slaves to sin, or are bought and sold out as slaves to righteousness forfeiting their will in place for God's. We forget the scripture in Jeremiah that tells us sin deprives us good, yet continue to sin and ask God to bless us while we are still in that sin.

Spiritual warfare goes far beyond the idea that The enemy is trying to harm us physically which is the impression you get when you think of an arrow being fired at you. It's time for the church to wake up and start actively engaging in this warfare, and that is why this article has been written.

Now, The enemy of God will not ever overtake Heaven. The one time he tried he took the form of a dragon, then he and his angels that were deceived by the "Tale" of Satan were defeated by Michael the Archangel and Cast down to Earth. This failure, this utter defeat, left that wily serpent utterly engulfed in rage. The only victory that the enemy of God can have in overtaking Heaven is by swaying the hearts of men to join his kingdom. If That doesn't work he attacks anyone that is part of the Kingdom of God. "And from the time John the Baptist began preaching until now, the Kingdom of Heaven has been forcefully advancing, and violent people are attacking it." -Matthew 11:12.

Spiritual warfare dreams are evidence that the enemy is still attacking people to this day. You dream of people shooting at you, threatening you with a knife, chasing you, wars, bombs going off, snakes attacking you, bullets whizzing past your head or any other multitude of dreams that are violent in nature or reveal that you are under attack in some manner. These types of dreams are a revelation of the manner in which the enemy is attacking you. They reveal what tactic or weapon the enemy has formed to use against you and tactics the enemy is using to try force into submission, defame, discredit, or dismantle, Kill, steal, or destroy what God has given you, what is yours, your influence, your will or anything he can. God allows us to have these dreams in order cause us to protect ourselves, intercede in prayer, and ask God to end the attacks.

If the enemy were to have his way he would bombard the gates of your heart and take ground in any area of your life that he could. This is the purpose of warfare. It is to establish your rule over another kingdom, the expand a kingdom, it's for conquest or even intervention over another kingdom. In the eyes of the enemy, to gain control over any area of your heart/life is to have access to you in that area at anytime they want. This is that the enemy desires.

For instance, if you have an addiction (insert whatever thing you put before God, cannot resist, or do habitually that you know is not something God desires) then there is constant attack in that area of your life trying to cause you to satisfy that craving. A temptation is the first leg of the attack. It's purpose is to cause you to surrender your will in exchange for the will of that thing which has spiritually enslaved you. The temptation is not the sin. The sin is the last wave of the attack. That is when you have lost the battle. Thankfully, God has given us many chances to get free from this. A loss of a battle is not the loss of a war. There is still overall victory to be found, and that victory is Jesus Christ.

While warfare dreams are terrifying they give us revelation and instill in us a sense of urgency for prayer intercession. They draws us into intimacy with God. They help us know how to pray in order to dismantle strongholds of the enemy. Allow God to give you warfare dreams to expose the plans of the enemy so that you may Guard your heart properly. Everything you do flows from your heart, therefore you could be a weapon for the enemy, or a tool in the hands of God. Pay heed to your dreams, they are a briefing as to the wiles of the enemy in a time of war.

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