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A Startling Revelation from XRP

Greetings from Fireside Grace Ministries!

We'd like to share some of the prophetic words that have been fulfilled. We would like to preface that while the following prophecies have been fulfilled, this is not always a good thing. God speaks through Robyn and Brandi so that we can intercede and change things before they occur. They encourage every single reader to continually pray over the prophecies stated so that we can make a difference in the world. In sharing these fulfillments, Robyn and Brandi's intentions are to remind everyone that there is great power in corporate prayer and to never lose sight that God will do what He says He will do.

In a video titled, “A Dive in Doge and Rise in ADA,” posted on August 29, 2021, Robyn prophesied, “XRP Is going to see growth, but there is about to be a startling revelation from messages that are revealed that will cause a dip because it’s going to look really bad for them. Whatever they found is going to show that they clearly conspired to do things that weren’t right. It was on the fringe of legal and illegal. However, it will be reviewed and determined that it wasn’t conclusively damning evidence. So that’s going to cause things to go back up.”

September 30, 2022, Yahoo posted an article, stating, “The price of XRP rose after a U.S. federal judge Thursday overruled the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) objections to orders that asked the securities watchdog to disclose drafts of a 2018 speech made by former agency director William Hinman, in its lawsuit against Ripple Labs Inc.”

Thank you for speaking to Robyn and having this come to pass. We ask you to give those who have money invested wisdom and for your will to be done, in Jesus’ name.

In the same video, Robyn prophesied, “And the Stock market was going back up 12/31.”

January 3, 2022, Coastal Wealth Management posted an article, stating, “The last week of 2021 saw stocks close generally higher, with only the Nasdaq slipping lower. The Dow ended the week up 1.1%, followed by the S&P 500, the Global Dow, and the Russell 2000. The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is generally marked by thin trading, and last week was no exception. Most of the market sectors closed the week in the black, led by real estate, utilities, materials, and consumer staples. Ten-year Treasury yields inched higher, crude oil prices rose $1.66 per barrel, while the dollar dipped lower.”

“Wall Street closed higher for a fourth day last Monday as investors weighed the prospects of a year-end rally against rising COVID cases. The S&P 500 gained 1.4% to mark its 69th record close of 2021. The Nasdaq also rose 1.4% as tech stocks continued to advance higher. The Dow rose 1.0%, the Russell 2000 climbed 0.9%, and the Global Dow added 0.6%. Ten-year Treasury yields slid, while crude oil prices and the dollar advanced. All of the market sectors moved higher, led by energy, real estate, and information technology.”

Thank You Lord for speaking to Robyn and bringing this to pass! We ask You to continue to help our stocks, in Jesus’ name.

In a video titled, “Canadian Revolution and Night Terrors,” posted on October 6, 2021, Robyn prophesied, “There will be a vaccine mandate in the UK that will be very short lived.”

March 1, 2022, Nursing Times posted an article, stating, “Nurses in England will no longer be required by law to be vaccinated against Covid-19, after a consultation found widespread support for dropping the policy.”

“Vaccination as a condition of deployment was introduced for care home staff in October 2021 and was due to be extended to all patient-facing NHS and social care workers in April this year.”

“However, following a public consultation, the Department of Health and Social Care has today confirmed that it will be revoking the mandate from 15 March 2022.”

Thank you, God, for doing what you said you would do! We thank you that this mandate is dropped! We pray for all restrictions and mandates to be lifted worldwide, in Jesus’ name, amen.

Thank you for reading!

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