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A Key Factor in Hearing God’s Voice You May Not Have Considered

We often receive questions about how to better hear the voice of God, and we love this question! Once each person is confident in how to hear God‘s voice by him/herself he/she is unstoppable. It's probably one of the topmost important questions that one can ask.

We will be going over how to hear God’s voice more clearly in the days to come and feel free to reach out to us for further instruction. However, in this article, I want to focus on one thing that greatly impacts ones’ ability to hear God’s voice.

That one thing is living simply.

As we are entering the last quarter of 2019, I exhort you to make a goal to finish the year strong by simplifying your lives so you can be empowered to enter 2020.

What does living simply look like? It may look like a clean closet to one person, dealing with unforgiveness to another, or writing those thank you cards that you’ve been meaning to write for a year. It’s never too late to say, “Thank you.”

When we are cluttered we cannot hear God’s voice clearly. If you are feeling overwhelmed in any area of your life then there is typically spiritual clutter in that area. Anxiety is one prime example of the manifestation of spiritual clutter. Dread and hope deferred are manifestations of spiritual clutter.

We encourage you to make a list of the things you are experiencing that are not fruits of the spirit, such as anger, frustration, fear, anxiety, dread, confusion, unforgiveness, pain, bitterness, etc. and begin to deal with each one, one by one.

If you would like someone to walk through this process with you and help you get set up for success going into 2020, please email us at to set up mentorship.

We are here to see you move forward in your calling with Christ and bring freedom and healing to the nations. However, that starts with you. If you want to make the most impact you can, begin by simplifying your own life.

The result? An open and clear mind that allows you to hear God’s voice more clearly.

Happy simplifying!

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