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Children’s Book

Children’s Book


This paperback book was designed to help children understand that Jesus wants nothing more than to spend time with them and build a relationship. It's so they know everything that God and Jesus did was just so that He could have a relationship with them. It's to help with children's mental health as well, teaching them they can always know they are wanted. Also includes Scripture memory verses that were the basis on which the book was written.

It has been accepted by the publishing company and we will send it out to you as soon as we receive the printed copies in hand! We should have them on or before March 15th!

Please know that if you are outside the USA we will email you to let you know of the additional costs for shipping once we have the shipping costs available. You will be responsible for covering additional, outside of USA shipping costs.

The reason this books price is more than the others is to help pay for the much increased costs due to full color pages that are being printed.

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