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Urgent Prophetic Word: It's Sifting Season

Urgent Prophetic Word: It's Sifting Season 

Now is a very important time that we pray for Israel. We know that there have been multiple statements issued and warnings for an imminent attack on Israel. It's our job to get up and pray. I know there's people all around the world praying, but let’s take a moment to come together as the body of Christ. 

A couple weeks ago I saw some major national storms coming from the west to America. These are mainly natural disasters. That's because God is saying it's a time of shaking, shaking, and shaking. He's shaking all the things that they thought couldn't fall. We need to be prepared in this season. 

If you are not a monthly partner, I am going to be doing a lot of crisis relief teaching. I am a certified Chaplain, crisis responder, and a RN. I have responded to F5 tornadoes and many other things. If you would like to hear our Chaplin program and our crisis response program, you can do that by becoming a monthly partner. I will be teaching this on Tuesday nights. 

In the body of Christ right now, we need a refreshing. God is not doing anything the same way that He once did. It's time for the new. It's time to shake off all of the blinders that we thought this season would look like, what the next season would look like, and what the next move of God would look like. It's time to allow Him to download inside you what's new- what He’s doing. It's our job to come into agreement with Him. He is going to shake what couldn't be shaken, He’s breaking the bad things that couldn't be broken, and He’s bringing down the things that couldn't or wouldn’t fall that are not of Him. 

We can avert a lot by praying and mitigate- that is our job. At the same time, the dark is getting darker, the bright is getting brighter. With prophets and Christian leadership, you're going to be able to choose who you want to come into agreement with very easily. One of the things I heard the Lord say is, “if you see, discern, and confirm wrong motives of people you are with, you need to walk away from them.” It's interesting because He shared that with me, but it's also a season of reconciliation. He's saying if they have wrong motives and you've tried again and again, and they haven't changed, don't come into agreement with them. Don't be under them. Not marriages, but religious organizations, companies, businesses, and things like that. The body of Christ is going to be promoted and we’re going to thrive. Small businesses are going to thrive. 

This is a season where God wants us to step away from unhealthy things and reconcile the things He wants us to reconcile. To ask people for forgiveness, to honor those we might have dishonored in the past, and bring reconciliation like we are called to do. It's just a season, you don't have to hash things up or relive things, but if there is anyone out there who has offended someone in the past, you want to make sure you are right before the Lord. Go to that person, however the Lord leads you, and make things right. We don’t have time for gossip or not being in right standing before the Lord. Seek forgiveness of others, for you to forgive, and really learn what forgiveness is. We are going to have to teach people how to forgive when these natural disasters start coming. 

One of the things I saw was almost like cannons firing. Definitely concerns of war, people screaming, and death tolls rising rapidly. We really need to intercede for Israel. We knew this was coming for a long time, but we’ve been praying against it and trying to delay it. I feel we have delayed it significantly because I felt it was 3-4 months from October. It's been around six months now, but Iran said they were going to attack Israel within the next 24-48 hours. Our government said they believe it's legitimate, they're telling their US embassies to limit how many people they have, and to limit travel to and from Israel, that it's imminent Iran will attack Israel. 

Praise God Biden reinforced that we will protect Israel if Iran attacks. Otherwise, we'd be toast. If you don't know what's going on behind the scenes, publically, America says they don't believe Iran has nuclear missiles, but let's be real… they probably do. If they don't, they have the backing of different countries around the world. 

This is something we need to pray about because this could be the beginning of World War III. I had said previously there would be a true caliphate. A caliphate is not a call to war, it's a call to have one Muslim leader over all of Islam that everyone answers to, similar to the way we have a pope. Many people may think that could be the false prophet. There's this teaching that the antichrist is going to be a Muslim and we know that's not the case. However, they will use this and say it's a holy war, that it's affected and caused for what they're planning to do after this. They're trying to expedite this for a reason. 

Pray like you have never prayed before. Even the most diligent and discipline intercessor. It's time to pray like you never have before. 

It's going to be really important you have a safe place during this time. I'm not speaking from a crisis relief standpoint, even though you should always have that. I’m speaking from a prayer closet standpoint. When things are crazy in your life, you need to be grounded in the word. Smith Wrigglesworth prayed for fifteen minutes out of every hour because he wanted the word of God to be louder in his head and in his life than any other voice around him. It is time for us to get serious about the word. 

Dreamers arise. If you feel called to dream interpretation, the Lord has put a calling on your life to speak about the times. You need to ask Him who to mentor under, how to get raised up in that, and to be covered while you are learning. The Lord has called you to interpret the times. It's time to speak up and not stay silent anymore. It is really needed during this time. All of us are needed. 

I saw the body of Christ speaking into situations, into natural disasters, into wars, into these things that were occurring. Fireballs were coming out of our mouths as we rose up and chose to intercede and speak over these things. Those fireballs actually lit a fire for God so He could purify our situation, so that righteousness, justice, and peace would be what ruled and reigned in that situation. 

Your voices are needed. Your voices are powerful. It takes all of us. This isn't Robyn and Brandi ministries, this is Fireside Grace Ministries. God has grace for us for whatever the fire we are going through. It takes the body of Christ joining in unity, we can not do it without you. If you are someone who has been sitting and hearing the word of God for years, just ask God how He wants you to pray? Who does he want you to pray for? What does He want you to do? 

I see different groups of two and three going and walking around their school and praying for it, or your neighborhood, or the capital. Don't forget the basic things the Lord has taught us on intercession. He said your area that He has called you to, it is a specific time to go out and draw boundaries and say, “Satan, you may not, you will not, and can not cross this line.” He can cross if you don't set the boundary, if you don't take the territory, if you don't cast out the territorial spirits. It's time for you to arise. I pray the Lord will give you friends if you have none, to go pray with over the area and the time to do that, in Jesus’ name. I heard prayer marches and prayer walks. Draw the boundaries. 

It's time to know what you stand for so dig your heels in. Do not be surprised when leaders fall during this season. I actually released a word a couple years ago that it's going to be a time for us to prepare to support the next generation of leaders. It was time for some to step away and shift into something else so others could arise. It's very interesting because I’m seeing it happen. We’re supporting those who went before us and they're supporting us, and it's a beautiful thing. 

On the flip side, there are leaders who are leaders in darkness, wolves as sheep. They are falling during this time. God said He is plucking unhealthy branches. It's a time to take the meat and spit out the bones of who you are listening to. 

We need each other. That's what is really important about reconciling during this time, we need to be speaking life together. The fireball I was seeing was created when two or three were gathered. It was when two or three were gathered that set a fire here, there, and all over. However, we can't take the land if we are not reconciled and we do this together. We need each other. 

The Lord said to me, “Those in the medical field will be shocked as they take the backseat as My people begin to pray and come up with cures for diseases left and right. You will see Me give creative strategies for complicated issues.” Nothing is too big for God. We know there's cures for things out there, but we’re going to be operating in the fullness of the spirit. I am so excited! This is a time after so many years of praying and praying, that we’re going to see miracle after miracle, sign after sign, and wonder after wonder. 

I want to be a part of operating in that. I want to be a part of getting to do that and bringing people into the body of Christ. Again, that's why it's important to have something where you are learning and being equipped so when these people come in, we’re prepared to minister to them and raise them up. I don't have anymore time and I need your help! If you are interested in mentoring those coming up, let me know and I will let you know how to do that. 

I had a vision of God showing me to sift cereal. It had this black thing in it that, ”those in power,” placed in it. What this means is there is an idol that has made it's way into the church’s good and supply. They need to get off the foundational stuff and sift through the solid things to remove idols in this season. 

The word for, “cereal,” is also the word for, “wheat,” in Hebrew: Dagan. Not very different from the god, Dagon, which is the Palestinian god or the philistine god. If you remember, when they took the ark from Israel, they took it into their towns and put it up to a statue of Dagon as though Dagon could compare. As though Dagon was as good as a god as Jehovah- which he is not. The statue got destroyed. They would send the statue to different towns and each time the town would come under a terrible plague or something would happen until they got to the fourth or fifth town. Then they thought it was sent to kill them so they didn't want it. They went to a witch and the witch said for them to send back the ark with cows that have never been on a yolk before. When a cow has never been on a yolk before, the cows will walk as they are bowed down before they're trying to shake off the yolk. They would make their animals walk in reference when carrying the ark and showing that our God is the greater god. 

With the land of milk in honey in the Hebrew mindset, milk represents your basic needs and the foundational things for us as Christians. Honey is your luxuries. Sifting of the wheat is the sifting of the wheat and the weeds. So I feel the vision is saying there is a sifting coming to the church. Like Paul said 2,000 years ago, you need to get off the foundational doctrines of baptism, resurrection, healing of the sick, and casting out devils. That is foundational! You need to get into the deep things. The meat of the word according to Jesus himself is to do the will of God, not just listening to someone talking about doing the will.  

With the sifting process that is coming, the church is going to have to get off the foundational stuff and go into the good stuff, but there's a sifting of the wheat. That is the differentiation between the wheat and the weeds. The weeds represent sins and sinful people. We started with this saying if there is anyone in your life not following the will of God, then you need to cut them off now. That's the sifting of the wheat and weeds. 

This vision also shows the enemy has put idols in people’s lives. The idols need to be removed. You need to be careful of what you are putting in your body because even cereal is a basic nutritional thing. Breakfast is one of the most important meals you can have because it jumpstarts your metabolism to be able to process things. 

My whole life, I never jumped on the, “judgment prophecy,” bandwagon. I never encouraged people to do that and had a lot of people that I have steered away from that. However, I have an exhortation for the church. Judgment day is coming. I am the last one to prophecy something like that because I’m not a doom and gloom kind of person, but you know what? Be of good cheer! The Lord has already overcome the world. 

If you are one who shuts down when you hear about God bringing judgment for the things that are happening, you need to stop. God has given you the strength to fight through this time, we’re going to go through it together, we’re going to hold each other’s arms up, we’re going to survive, succeed, and get through this. God created us for such a time as this. 

Esther 4:14 “For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”

I highly suggest that if God gave you an exhortative word, to listen. If God gives you encouragement for someone else during this time, give it. It's time to use your voice, to listen, and be open to what He is doing right now. Yes, we can pray and mitigate, but the end of the book of the Bible is going to happen. You can not get rid of that. What we can do right now is mitigate, pray, and watch God sovereign mercy come. We can be active in politics, active in voting for this next election no matter what trauma we may have from the last election. Get up and vote. We don't have time to hold onto stuff or onto “what ifs.” We must stand up. 

There are people petitioning right now all against Roe vs Wade that was overturned. There's people raising a brand new plan pushing for them to come into effect again, to allow abortion into this nation all the way through birth. We are not going to sit by anymore. 

Everything that can be shaken will shake. If your life is shaking, you need to take a step back and realize you are supposed to wake up. To move. Or to be the rock and the stability for those going through the shaking around you. You need to pray, “God, take me from the shaking, uproot me from that, and plant me so I can be the rock. So when there is judgment happening around me, I will say God is good no matter what. God is my strength in my time of need. He is my deliverer. He is not a man that lies. I know where my help comes from, my help comes from the Lord. He is a mighty and strong fortress in my time of need who has every answer, who has every healing.” There is going to be a time when we can't just go to the ER. You need to know you are as healed as you are saved. It is the same scripture. 

Make sure you know the word of God. If you have an issue with God, if you haven't forgiven Him for something, if you're holding a grudge against Him for something, if you have trauma you have worked through, stop everything you're doing and work through it. We need mighty warriors prepared, armed, and ready to fight battles. I pray the Lord renews our weapons of warfare. We give Him the old and receive the fresh. 

Lord, we just intercede for Israel right now. Stand up for Israel. You said in these days You would intercede, that You would stop them. You told us they would take back land. You told us in Isaiah that they would have all their original boundaries restored. This isn't going to be a fun or great time, but I feel it is the time, Lord. I pray that You move. Shake the church. Shake us awake. Shake the nation awake. You can do it. You spared one king from dying within 3 days and gave him 15 more years. Please help us. Help us not to settle and not say, “not in our lifetime. Let it be somewhere down the road.” No, we pray that Lord, if You can end this, end this. Get it over with. I don't want my children to have to live through this. I don't want them to see this. I pray You move and wake everyone up before it's too late. Bring the church into a time of repentance. I pray You put protection around the nation of Israel and the people. Protect our citizens that are there and other citizens that aren't Israeli that are there that visit from around the world. Strengthen them. Do mighty miracles, signs, and wonders. You are a God who keeps covenants. 

Psalm 91:11 For He will command His angels in regard to you, to protect and defend and guard you in all your ways [of obedience and service].

Isaiah 19:20 It will become a sign and a witness to the Lord of hosts in the land of Egypt; for they will cry to the Lord because of oppressors, and He will send them a Savior, a [Great] Defender, and He will rescue them.

Isaiah 37:35 ‘For I will defend this city to save it, for My own sake and for the sake of My servant David.’”

Isaiah 38:6 I will rescue you and this city from the hand of the king of Assyria; and I will defend this city [Jerusalem].”

We thank You, Lord, for your deliverance and defense of Israel, in Jesus’ name. We declare there will be no lives lost in Jesus’ name. 

Joel 2:18 Then the Lord will be jealous for His land [ready to defend it since it is rightfully and uniquely His] and will have compassion on His people [and will spare them].

Lord, I ask that an angel guard stand by at every house of every person that serves You in Israel. Have mercy on the ones that don't serve You yet. We call Israel a saved nation, God’s nation, never to be forgotten, in Jesus’ name. 

Zechariah 9:15 The Lord of hosts shall defend and protect them; and they will devour [the enemy] and trample down the slingstones [that have missed their mark], and they will drink [of victory] and be boisterous as with wine; and they shall be filled like sacrificial bowls [used to catch the blood], drenched like the corners of the [sacrificial] altar.

Zechariah 12:8 In that day the Lord will defend the people of Jerusalem, and the one who is impaired among them in that day [of persecution] will become [strong and noble] like David; and the house of David will be like God, like the Angel of the Lord [who is] before them.

Luke 18:7-8 And will not [our just] God defend and avenge His elect [His chosen ones] who cry out to Him day and night? Will He delay [in providing justice] on their behalf? I tell you that He will defend and avenge them quickly. However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find [this kind of persistent] faith on the earth?” 

Luke 21:12-15 “But before all these things, they will lay their hands on you and will persecute you, turning you over to the synagogues and prisons, and bringing you before kings and governors for My name’s sake. This will be a time and an opportunity for you to testify [about Me]. So make up your minds not to prepare beforehand to defend yourselves; for I will give you [skillful] words and wisdom which none of your opponents will be able to resist or refute. 

We declare they have the words that they need to speak that cannot be refuted in Jesus’ name. I speak a calmness into this storm. I speak shalom peace into this, that it cannot be penetrated through. I speak a dome covering them that is impenetrable in Jesus’ name. Let the attacks on them fail so many times that they can't figure out why they are failing. I pray everything planned against Israel fails, in the name of Jesus. 

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