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Shiba Inu Grows 200% - Prophetic Word

Greetings from Fireside Grace Ministries!   

We'd like to share some of the prophetic words that God has shared with us. We would like to preface that the following prophecies are not always a good thing. God speaks through Robyn and Brandi so that we can intercede and change things before they occur. They encourage every single reader to continually pray over the prophecies stated so that we can make a difference in the world. In sharing these, Robyn and Brandi's intentions are to remind everyone that there is great power in corporate prayer and to never lose sight that God will do what He says He will do. 

The following prophecies are from a video titled, "Shiba Inu Grows 200%," posted on September 6, 2023...


A Great Shaking Coming to the Church

I had a dream a few weeks ago. The Lord said there was a great shaking coming that was going to affect the whole church. It would cause great division and that He came to cause division. I shared it with several people in the prophetic community and no one really received it. Everyone has been prophesying there will be great restoration,  America will be restored, and all of these cool and good things. I haven't been feeling that in my spirit. I feel like we need to pray and press in. We need to continue to stay in a place of repentance and ask the Lord not to destroy us. We need to pray that He will spare this nation. For the sake of a few righteous, spare this nation. Let's not be like Ezekiel and give up on the nation. 

A friend of mine said she was praying and the Lord told her that there's going to be a great shaking and division in the church. Those that don't keep their eyes focused on the church are going to be hurt during the shaking. In the dream I had, the Lord said those who don't stay put, those who don't stay rooted and grounded in the Lord, will fall into the world for whatever is coming. 

Something big is coming. Something massive is coming. There's going to be a big new move of God, but there's going to be division that happens. God is calling out sheep from the goats. The church is under attack. 

We Need to Pray 

I've been feeling a check in my spirit that the elections aren't going to go the way that we want them to in 2024 if we do not pray. I asked the Lord, what is the point in praying if nothing gets fixed and nothing will change? He said it's up to us. He said that we need to pray for Donald Trump. I asked Him, how do I fix this? He told me to ask Him how to fix this, so I did. He said to share with you the following… 

Pray for all obstructions to justice for Donald Trump to be removed. He said to pray for the leadership of this nation to be bold and brave, and the leadership of Canada, and the leadership of your nations as well. There are several people out there that are afraid of dirt being dug up on them, that their career will be ended, etc… pray for them to have boldness and that they know that God will vindicate them because they are doing what is right. There is one man in particular that knows that he needs to do the right thing, but he is terrified. Pray that the Lord ministers to him and angels assigned to him help embolden him and carry out God’s plan. 

Lord, I pray that all obstructions of justice for Donald Trump are removed right now in the name of Jesus and that we see justice. I pray for the man that knows he needs to do the right thing but is afraid, that you will send ministering spirits, angels to him. Assign them to him, to embolden him, and carry out Your plan. I pray that You will give boldness to the leaders out there, to take their fear so they know that You will vindicate them, that You will be their vindication, and that justice will come. 

Pray for Mitch McConnell 

The Lord is telling me right now to pray for Mitch McConnell, that his health is in very bad condition and he will be stepping down as a senator very soon. Lord, I pray you heal him and keep him safe. 

Pray for Our Constitution 

I've been hearing this every single time I pray in tongues, every single day. The first thing I hear is, “your constitution is under attack, pray for your constitution.” The Lord said pray for your constitution to be upheld and all courts to follow the rule of law in a righteous and selfless manner. Not self seeking, but justice seeking. Pray for that and continue to pray for that to happen, for every court in the land to make just, righteous, Godly decisions. If they try to make any decrees that are not Godly, that they will be shut up, in the name of Jesus, and they will only speak what the Lord wants them to share. 

Massive Bull Run 

The Lord said there's about to be a massive bull run in the stock market and the cryoto world. He said to get ready because this will be a game changer. It will happen relatively quickly. I feel like some of this has to do with Elon Musk making it to where his X social network site will be a crypto exchange platform as well as a social media platform. I know he has something similar to that going on, but it will take on new shape and new form. 

Shiba Inu

I saw Shiba Inu was going to hit plus 200%. 

Ron DeSantis Drops Out 

Ron DeSantis will drop out of the race for the president. I think everyone who is running for president against Trump will drop out because he's really smoking them on the polls. 

Ron DeSantis’s Secret 

The enemy has a plan to release a secret concerning something that Ron DeSantis did while he was in the navy that will come forward. It's something that his wife is aware of, but she doesn't want the world to know about it because she feels shame because of it. Pray for him and her. Pray that the enemy’s plan is completely thwarted and disrupted and only God’s pure and perfect plan will come to pass, in Jesus’ name. 

Washington D.C. Power Outage 

I saw a power outage was going to hit Washington D.C. and in some way or form at this time, there would be an attack against the government. Or perhaps, this would be a power outage because of a storm. What I have written down there will be a power outage that affects D.C., it will be considered to be an attack against the government, and it will leave top secret data vulnerable. I feel like something is going to happen during the power outage that will leave the government vulnerable. Maybe they will blame the power outage going out on the storm, but it was an attack, not the storm. 

Washington D.C. Severe Storm 

A severe storm will hit Washington D.C. and it will tear up many trees, damage many memorials, and flood large portions of land. We need to pray no homes are damaged and no lives are harmed or destroyed. 

Big Judgement in October 

I feel like there will be a big decision that's reached, a big judgment in October. You need to pray into that. 


Thank you for reading! We hope that you will join us in praying regarding each of these prophecies. We bless each and everyone of you! 

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