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prophetic Headlines

The president will take a hard stance against racism and shame the media for race-baiting and inciting riots. They will claim he is stifling freedom of speech, but he will institute policies that will promote truth being told and create accountability for news broadcasts.

With the dissolution of twitter, social media companies will fall like dominoes. There is an attack on free speech in America that will not go unchecked.

Facebook and Twitter will be discovered to be meddling in the elections by trying to manipulate what people can and can’t see. They are partnering with foreign nations.

Witches that are in office that have been appointed by satan will be exposed. Certain political figures that serve satan have vested their trust and lives in him and his plan and God will humble them for all to see. Satan is losing his grip on this nation.

Beware, not everything you see is true and accurate. Deceptions that caused great panic, fear, anger, rioting, sorrow, loss, and heartache will be exposed and those that staged such tragedies will be exposed as well. Crooked police will come clean about who they served and what they were tasked to accomplish. Repentance for taking the bait is required.

Many will be saved by the Lord as the prophetic voices cry out declaring the Lord’s will, declaring what will happen next and proving God speaks. A prophetic movement with pure-hearted prophets has begun.

A wave a street healings is going to sweep the land. Large crowds will draw together in cities and towns In protest of satan.

I hear the words, I have a voice! I will be heard! Be declared as a banner over an entire generation. There will be a great move of abolitionists that sweep the land and reform will come concerning abortion. I see victory over abortion coming to America and I hear the Lord saying, “The voices of generations lost to this senseless murder have been heard and victory over Abortion will sweep across America.” I see weeping in the streets as God's people praise God and celebrate this declaration of love. I also see severe anger in the hearts of those blinded by Satan. They will try to strike out, and for some time, they will be unsuccessful at regaining the right to terminate pregnancies.

Certain members of the Democratic Party will be discovered to have colluded with Russia and China to interfere with this 2020 election. All the curses that the enemy has tried to put on the elections will be rendered void as Trump will destroy and unravel the tapestry of deception satan has tried to weave over this nation.

President Putin is serving his last term in office but one worse than he will come in his stead.

A great wave of revival will sweep across China and the Middle East. There will be persecution, but the revival will not stop. Billions will be saved.

There will be two assassination attempts against Trump. They will try to make it looks like it was religiously motivated but it is politically motivated. We must pray a hedge of protection around Trump. An underground network of terrorists living in America will be exposed as the arrest of these individuals will lead to the discovery of hidden cells in America including two politicians involved with this organization.

Two senators will be targeted with threats to their life as well, Republicans. They will not be harmed and any attempt to stop what God is doing through them will be prevented. God has already deployed angels to fight on their behalf.

A new wave of technological advances is going to come out of Israel. A cure for cancer, nano-tech for surgeries, robotic limbs that can feel, some amazing new technology in weapons advances such as a bomb that is like a nuke but specifically targets electronic devices with an electrical magnetic pulse. When I saw it, it looked like a bomb dropped and lightning exploded out of it.

Iran believes they have an advantage over Israel because they have secretly created a few nuclear bombs and have distributed some nuclear material to make dirty bombs. Israel will be protected and supernatural intervention will be seen worldwide even though some will refuse to believe it. The truth is, God has already planned to blow up their perfectly functioning bombs over their land without allowing them to enter Israel. The whole nation will cry out, “Surely the Lord has fought for us!” It will be a great time of joy as the house of Jacob worships God with a pure heart.

Turbulent times are coming to Israel within the next year. Trump will vow to support Israel in even greater measure in his second term. Israel will take back all of the lands which are its rightful inheritance. Amid this turmoil, Netanyahu has been assigned to rebuild the temple for the final age. After the temple is rebuilt there will be an “invasion” of sorts that will destroy the temple.

In the coming months, there will be several disturbing appearances of lights in the sky or spacecraft of sorts. The news will begin to cover them as nothing more than military planes, etc. this is a precursor to what’s to come. There will be a shock and Awww that sweeps the land as mile wide and greater objects fill the sky’s over the city in an “unexpected manner.” This has been pre-planned since the foundations of the world by God. These will be his weapons of indignation, and they are not here for peace. They will seem peaceful at first then declare Jesus is not lord he’s one of them, we evolved from them, they are gods and see death as nothing more than transition. They will fake that they are thousands of years old, but they will not live past 120. There will be actors, politicians, musicians, and more claiming to be part of their race here to enlighten and prepare the world. These are all Nephilim. They are rejected. Don’t believe what you see. They will try to make creationism and Christians seem like fools. Don’t believe the lie.

The devil has a plan called terror. He intends to orchestrate global synchronized terror attacks in America, Europe, and parts of Asia and Africa. These attacks would be like the tet offensive where the enemy was hidden mixed in with the people, in this case for years, and it’s designed to create chaos and rob peace. This can and will be prevented if the church will pray and cry out to God in intercession.

Here’s a special word to the church regarding our current state of affairs nationwide.

Thus Saith the Lord, “I don’t need the whole nation to repent to bring healing to the land. I need and the church to repent on behalf of the nation and I will bring healing to the land. You, o Church, must yield yourself to me, yield your identity to me, yield your culture to me, yield your all to me so that I may be the voice with which you speak, the hands with which you heal, and the heart from which you direct your life. Yield to me and I will heal the land through you.

You ask, what more can I do to yield myself?

I ask, are you willing to surrender a few hours of sleep to pursue the desires of my heart? Are you willing to give up your favorite TV show to spend that 30 minutes or an hour praying and seeking my presence? Are you willing to lay hands on the sick and injured when you see them on the streets? Are you willing to believe that my word is completely true even when you don’t understand it? Are you willing to believe that everything that you asked for in prayer is given to you?

Seek me, seek my presence, and I will reveal to you individual areas in your life that you can change which will produce a greater outpouring and harvest in your life. It’s not enough to just say, ‘Lord, heal our land.’ It’s not enough to simply state that you want change; you must take action.”

The Lord showed me that there is no destruction within the Kingdom. All death, destruction, and theft of anything in your life are not from God. It Is not found within the kingdom. “Store not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:”

The Greek for rust is brosis. It means to eat away, and the Greek for destroy is aphanezei which means to be destroyed, or it means where something is destroyed by not washing it for long periods of time.

I speak cleansing over you. Healing in your bones, your heart, etc. I command cancer which eats away and destroys to be gone now in Jesus' name. I cleanse you with the blood of Jesus. I bind bipolar and schizophrenia and I command you to leave and never return.

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