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Newsletter: Testimonies, Thanks, and Joseph Update

This Month Has Been Full of Both Challenges and Blessings!

Wow; what a month June been already!

We want to begin by bragging on each and every one of YOU! You all have come through in so many amazing ways. You have helped us very heavily support two single moms during this time. It has made a life changing impact on them that they will never forget or be able to deny God’s love for them. We cannot thank you enough. We have helped with their housing costs, vehicle issues, groceries, utilities, natural medications, stress relief, and so much more. We cannot do this without your support, so I wanted to take a moment to say thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

You all also chipped in graciously to help us get into a safe vehicle when ours had the recent issue. We now have two vehicles and because of donations were also able to repair our other vehicle. The vehicle we got is much better on gas and more practical for driving around town. I literally cried when we were able to get it at the rate we did, because of the goodness of God shown through your love and support. This is constant fuel that keeps us going in the midst of the daily battles. Thanks so much.

Expel the Jezebel, In Me!

If you have not heard yet, our newest book has arrived! We would love for you to purchase it from us at

We have the Ebook and print versions available.

This book is for everyone. We have each been effected by Jezebellic tendencies in our lives. To clean our land of these we must know and take authority over them, but that starts with each of us. This is also a tool to be able to use to lead in small groups or to mentor others with. It it set up as a 30-Day Devotional and has questions to meditate on and ponder that make each lessons relevant and effective.

Update on our youngest son, Joseph.

We recently had breakthrough with Joseph, where he latched to a bottle for the first time since December 10th. Praise the Lord! This led us to believe he was going to have improved results on the swells study he recently did, but we were very sad to discover he is still fighting significant aspiration. However, he did swallow better for them this time mechanically so they were able too ee more on this test than the previous one, though they still did not receive all the information that would have been optimal to see during the study. This has the physicians concerned with really wanting to push him under going anesthesia a couple of more times for a couple of different things, including two more surgeries. I have refused this as I know what is going on with him. Thankfully, Discovered a different modality of treatment through his feeding therapist. With the current plan he is on, and about to be on, including supplies for his tube feeding, we are going to be faced with bills coming in between 3500-4000$ for his treatment over the next 12 weeks. This includes a repeat swallow study. If you feel led to give towards this treatment option that is really going to help us towards the goal of getting his feeding tube removed, please feel free to donate at using the one time donation button or any other way you like to give that we have. Please annotate it to Joseph’s Treatment. Thank you for your coveted prayers for his rapid healing and strengthening of his larynx and trachea. Please note that I, Brandi, will be a little more absent seeming than on the frontlines in videos because I am ensuring Joseph receives his feeding therapy three times a day and this is extremely time consuming. Because of this, keep in mind our income has shifted downwards because of being unable to work as much on my end. Please sign up to become a monthly partner or consider a one time donation to help support us during these next three months that are life altering for Joseph.

Dreams Discussion

Don’t forget every other Tuesday night we have our Dreams Discussion group where dream interpretation is taught and effectively practiced in a safe place. We do this at 5pm Central time via zoom. Our next Discussion is planned for June 21st. We also invite each of our monthly partners to join us in our recurring Sunday night Zoom church family meetings at 8:15pm Central time. We have a tightly nit group and we would love to have you as a part of it. This is like an intimate family setting where we practice using our gifts and edify each other. Everyone has a voice here.

YouTube Changes

With the Lord’s leading, we had to remove our previous YouTube channel before we got banned for censorship of the previous election information the Lord had given us. Please find our new YouTube channel and like and subscribe to help us get the word of the Lord back out there. Our new name is, Tomorrow’s Headlines, Today! (Fireside Grace) please let us know if you have any issues finding this.

Recent Interviews

We had the honor of being guest speakers on Elijah Fire recently. Our interview with them Jeff Tharp interviews Robyn and Brandi Cunningham, the founders of Fireside Grace Ministries. In this episode, Jeff, Robyn and Brandi discuss the Jezebel spirit—what it is, how to identify it, why it is important to be aware of it and how it operates. ElijahFire has a YouTube channel! Copy and Paste this into your browser to subscribe to them also: They are on basically all the other platforms as well, so find them at your platform of choice. On our Youtube and Rumble platforms you can find our most recent interview we had the honor of doing with Manuel Johnson. What blessing that was!

I want to leave you with an encouraging word and a word of direction, so I’m going to recommend to you our latests blog about the current Hebraic month that we are in and the recent prophetic revelation the Lord has given me to help us “shift” during this time. I believe you will be so blessed by it. Read it at

Abundance to you in every area of life in Him!

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