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America Will Be Restored - Prophetic Word

Greetings from Fireside Grace Ministries!   

We'd like to share some of the prophetic words that God has shared with us. We would like to preface that the following prophecies are not always a good thing. God speaks through Robyn and Brandi so that we can intercede and change things before they occur. They encourage every single reader to continually pray over the prophecies stated so that we can make a difference in the world. In sharing these, Robyn and Brandi's intentions are to remind everyone that there is great power in corporate prayer and to never lose sight that God will do what He says He will do. 

The following prophecies are from a video titled, “America Will Be Restored,” posted on August 30, 2023…

Class Action Lawsuit Regarding 2020 Interference 

A class action lawsuit regarding 2020 interference will be decided upon. It will be ruled upon. The ruling will favor the conservative Christian who has pursued truth, justice, and the American way. It will be a landmark victory for this nation and America will be restored. I heard this yesterday. 

America Will Be Restored! 

Today, the first thing the Lord told me was that America will be restored. He told me that twice! He said that God laughs at His enemies. You will see mistrials against Republicans, you will see Republicans win their cases, and you will see victory after victory. In some cases, information about bias and prejudice from judges will come out and cause the case to be reassigned to other impartial judges. I have a feeling that October is going to be a pretty important month. I really have been feeling in my spirit that October, something big is going to happen that is a win for America. 

Acquittal is Coming

Acquittal is coming. I don't know whose acquittal, but I have a hunch that a big Mr. T might be who we are talking about. 

Georgia & Brad Raffensperger

Stuff is about to come out about Raffensperger. Raffensperger will be discovered to be guilty of the very issue Trump is being tried for. Racketeering. Evidence will come forward that condemns him. Evidence that he conspired to make things happen. Some of his actions will be of his own accord while others will be through threats. Money that was “donated” or otherwise hidden through illicit transactions will be exposed. Light will shine in America. 

Seats that are not rightfully required or were not rightfully acquired will be overturned. Some chairs are going to get flipped in Georgia. The Lord will openly laugh at his enemies as they run away in retreat. There will be no surrender, but captives will be taken. I feel like when the Lord said that, CAPTIVES was all capital. He's saying some people are going to be arrested for what happened. It's not the people we think. It's not the people they've already taken mugshots of. However, I do feel like a couple people on Trump’s team might get in some hot water in the near future. 

As God struck down the new world order’s “guide stones” in Georgia, so shall God also strike down the stone hearted politicians that are actively trying to hand America over as a sacrifice for the coming greatest deception that has ever been. 

Biden’s Department of Justice Exposed 

Biden’s department of injustice will be caught trying to interfere and meddle in Trump’s legal cases. They will try to cover up when this exposure happens with exposure in the media about a “huge raid” happening on the homes of political powers. I feel like it had something to do with sex trafficking. 

Joe Biden Exposed

God has ordained an exposure of Joe Biden. He has angels assigned to create confusion in his camp so this exposure will not be thwarted. The release of several unsecured documents of great national security will be seen. It will be discovered that they were exchanged for sex, money, and power. The seat of the United States presidence did not belong to America, but to the highest bidder. Nations have been allowed to select leaders for this nation for years at the right price. Trump threw a wrench into their works and was the first president in decades that was rightfully president. This was God’s way of showing the enemy that He is still the one who rules. He can do anything and can even overturn their system if He should so decide. 

You know how we see God overturn their system? We have to be the church. We have to stand up and show God we want what's right for this country. When good men remain silent, evil takes over. When Christians don't stand up to do what Christians are supposed to do, that's what happens. The country goes down. Look in the Bible. When the nation was taken over by other countries, why did that happen? It's because the righteous ones didn't stand up for what they believed. The righteous did not intercede.

XRP, Doge, Elon Musk, and More

XRP and Doge are going to continue to drop a little bit more, mostly XRP. Doge won't move too much. It's just a set up. Huge rebound. The Lord said when “project X” is finished, you will see the price of Doge, XRP, Ethereum, and other coins rapidly climbing and growing. Deals will be made with companies to be hosted on a new X platform that creates wild revenue. I saw a vision of Elon Musk holding up the markets on his shoulders and then all of a sudden, it exploded. 

With this great success, Elon will be targeted for lawsuits claiming that he is in fact a monopoly, that he owns too many things, that he controls too much, etc… he will be easily vindicated as he points out that he is actually taking the real monopoly’s power away that they use to control and manipulate markets and people. His new integration of crypto into social media will be a catalyst that allows the simple man to invest casually in a safe and secure platform. It will also give Musk the ability to protect himself from corporations or even governments that are trying to freeze or seize his digital assets through corrupt or illegal processes. 


Thank you for reading! We hope that you will join us in praying regarding each of these prophecies. We bless each and everyone of you! 

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