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A Plan to Attack the Border - Prophetic Word

Greetings from Fireside Grace Ministries! 

We'd like to share some of the prophetic words that God has shared with us. We would like to preface that the following prophecies are not always a good thing. God speaks through Robyn and Brandi so that we can intercede and change things before they occur. They encourage every single reader to continually pray over the prophecies stated so that we can make a difference in the world. In sharing these, Robyn and Brandi's intentions are to remind everyone that there is great power in corporate prayer and to never lose sight that God will do what He says He will do. 

The following prophecies are from a video titled, “Attack at the Border,” posted on October 18, 2023… 

Pray for the Ukraine and Russian War

While the world is distracted by events in Gaza, things escalating between Russia, and Ukraine War coming to an end… there's a lot to unpack on that. Pray about it. Ukraine is not going to win this one. Russia is not going to be on our team in the future. 

Pray for Taiwan

China is going to the emass troops outside of Taiwan, saying they're doing a military drill, but that is a lie. They're not even going to try to cover it up. With the threat of a nuclear war being very real in the Middle East, very few will try to intercede in Taiwan because China has said and will say again, “we will nuke anybody who tries to stop us from doing what we want to do within our own land, on our own country, on our own soil, with our own people.” The Lord said Taiwan would be quickly overrun. That's something we need to pray about. Let's not take these prophecies lightly. 

Hezbollah and Hamas 

The Lord had shown me Syria was planning an attack in the Golan Heights. They were going to take a similar stance to Hamas. That would be Hezbollah. Biden said if Hezbollah attacks, we will enter this war and it will become a conflict. The Lord showed me that Hezbollah was going to try to attack the Golan Heights and try to take that back. They'd say, “Israel doesn't even deserve to have this.” This is something we need to pray about as well. Israel doesn't need to be warring on multiple fronts. 

Jordan is going to try to stick their nose in and get involved. You're going to see Jordan say, “we’re just trying to defend our border just in case anything should happen.” They'll try to say it's for the protection of Israel, but it's a lie. It's a farce. They will be planning to attack because they think that they can help other countries getting involved. Iran will be a little slower to officially getting involved. They're trying to garner support from North Korea and get nuclear weapons. They're trying to also get support from China and various other southern places as well.

A message that's being sent to Hezbollah, Hamas, and other places is that the Muslims around the world that agree with what's going on with free, liberated Palestine, and no Israeli occupation… What we’re going to see is the rioting and stuff that's going on around the world is going to increase so Hezbollah and Hamas feels like they have support. They’ll feel like they can wage war around the world through terror attacks in different places and cause unrest and distrust. There's some things that are about to go on that we need to pray and thwart. 

Doge Pump and Dump 

Beef between Bitcoin and Elon Musk is going to lead to a pump and dump on Doge. However, a lot of people will actually benefit from this pump and dump and it will lead to a strengthening of Doge in the long run. I saw it climbing up to 13 cents and then going down again. Then going up to around 25 cents, hovering around there for a little bit, and then going back down. I saw it pumping up pretty high. It was kind of like an AMC type of pump, through the roof. It wasn't as much as AMC was worth, I don't think it was even over the $1 mark, but it was a very significant bump. 

The Lord plans on blessing His children that lost money in 2021 where Doge went up pretty high. He wants to bless people so they’ll be able to make their money back and reinvest. He’s giving you a warning. Pray on the timing. I feel like He’s saying He wants you to set some limits so that way you’ll be prepared when these things start to happen. 

Further Information on Syria 

The Lord said to watch Syria. They’re planning to attack Israel during a riot which is supposed to be just a, “peaceful protest.” They will have armed troops in the crowd, ready to start firing and attacking Israeli police, Israeli peacekeepers, Israeli military, Israeli citizens, and so forth. You need to pray down the Hezbollah and pray for protection over the Israeli people, the Israeli civilians, the men, women, and children who aren't involved with this stuff. 

I was seeing these protests happening and they started out as protests, then turned into riots, and then turned into gunfire and even worse. Hezbollah will use this chaos in the streets where people are burning stuff, shouting, burning flags, etc… to start to attack. They want to use the chaos for their benefit and try to say, “this happened because of the rioting.” It's their way out of it if they get in trouble so it doesn't look like they started a war, but that's what they're trying to do. We need to pray about that. Please don't take it lightly. 

Ilhan Omar's Wake-Up Call 

Though Ilhan Omar stands for Palestine, believes what's going on there is right, and that Palestine should be free, they will deem that she is in violation of sharia law and deserves the penalty of death because she presumes to rule over men. It will be a grave wake-up call for her and open her eyes so she sees why exactly something needs to be done to stop the extreme radical terrorist groups from taking power in different areas. 

Basically what I saw was people talking on the news and they were saying, “these Muslim women who are in positions of power over men in these nations, it's part of their corruption. They’re feeding into this.” I don't know if any of that is in the Quran, but that's what I saw in a vision. 

Urgent Prayer for Israeli Hostages 

Pray for the safety of the Israeli hostages in Palestine as Israeli troops close in. Hezbollah will try to kill all of the hostages and claim it was the Israeli troops who did it. Pray and declare this will not happen. Pray the hostages are kept safe and the enemy's plans are utterly stopped. 

Pray for Protection for US Embassies 

The Lord said to pray for the protection of US Embassies in the Middle East. The Lord reminded me that I had foreseen an attack on an US embassy, I had prophesied that it would lead to a big war somewhere, and that we needed to pray about this. The Lord brought that to my attention again and said we need to continue to pray that they don't attack this embassy. I felt like it was in Beirut or somewhere in that area. It was one of those places where it had been attacked before. 


The Lord said there would be a Litecoin flash crash. I don't know what Litecoin is, but I saw a bright light and Litecoin crashing. Just nose dive, flash crash, more than half. 

XLM Stellar 

I saw XLM Stellar. I saw a green rocket ship, sort of cartoony, and it was flying to the moon. All of a sudden, it crashed. The ship died, the engine shut off, and it just started to plummet. I don't know if that was a forever crash, but it started to plummet. 

Cronos Coin

What I heard was, “it is an appointed time.” I saw Cronos coin like a clock and it was going backwards. It dropped a little bit. The Lord said it is soon to be entering into its appointed time of prosperity.

US Mexico Border 

I was praying and I saw the border wall Trump had built at the US Mexico border, going from Texas to California. They picked up blueprints or a written document. They did this in Israel also, they found something like a pamphlet saying what their plan was and how to attack Israel. I saw someone had dropped the document at the border and they found it. Someone picked it up, maybe a Texas sheriff, but it could be anywhere along the border. It's along the US Mexico border so it could be anywhere along the border. The owner of the document was not found or apprehended, but this will be used by Biden as a legitimate excuse for him to start building the wall and having Democrats supporting him to do it. 

Biden will use this as an opportunity to support building the wall. Of course, that will make it to where we’re getting extra jobs and it will help stimulate the economy. You're also going to see he will open up American oil again so that we’ll be able to be sustained and not crippled by what's going on overseas and by the fact we're about to be cut off by Russia, China, and the Middle East with oil supplies. 

You will also see he starts funneling money to the border to stop people from coming in. However, he may be a day late and a dollar short. Remember, the Lord prophesied to me that they found the document at the border, but not the person. That means they're already here. If they had it, surely that's not the only person that had that. That means there are now enemies within our border that have that plan to attack us. 

We have to pray that the enemies of America are stopped. What I had seen was that there would be an offensive style attack in America where they would rise up all of a sudden in various places and just start attacking. We need to pray that those people are exposed before they're able to carry out their plans. We need to pray we'll see in the headlines in the newspapers and on the news that these plans were thwarted and caught. 

House Speaker 

I feel like they're going to end up putting a Democrat as the House Speaker. I don't trust Jim Jordan. I feel he's done things in his past and he can and will be manipulated. I know he's been vocal in his support for Donald Trump, but I feel that is a show. I prayed and I feel like he's done some things and has been part of things that he's willing to lie and cover things up. I don’t know who it's going to be, but I have a strong feeling they're going to try to put a democrat in office. 

You’re going to see news of lobbyists going in and trying to make sweet deals with politicians so they can get their person in. You'll see bribes coming out of this in the future. 

Shiba Inu 

The Lord showed me that Shiba Inu would go up about 50%, which isn't a huge amount. 

Mexico’s New President 

Mexico, I feel like you're getting a new president very soon. He's going to be more socialist and more corrupt than what you've seen. That being said, we need to pray against that. God has a plan where he wants to send somebody to clean up the border, clean out the cartels, and bring a wave of Christianity through Mexico. 

Banks’ Future  

Banks are going to disappear within the next twenty years and banking as we know it is going to be quite different. I did see that Chase Bank, Wells Fargo, and a couple other big banks were going to have a lot of issues rise up and some corruption was going to be exposed in there. Smaller banks will be fine, but you will see more bank runs coming where people just want to take their money out of the bank because they don't know whats going to go on with the government, with all the hacks going on in the future, with the bank being attacked, with money being attacked, with power going out, lights going out, war time emergencies and procedures, the second gold grab they're going to try to do where they try to tell you to give them all your precious metals in exchange for worthless money for war. 


Thank you for reading! We hope that you will join us in praying regarding each of these prophecies. We bless each and everyone of you! 

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1 Comment

China and Taiwan. What has kept China at bay (no pun intended) was a strong america with integral leadership.

One, is it possible now that Brandon is our leader and dem’s control the senate, the restrainer has been removed? I thought this for years. Now others are agreeing that the restrainer may be a strong, influential government and leader. Look how fast corruption and evil has advanced since 45 was pushed aside.

Also, China can do what it wants w/o reciprocation from us because Brandon is bought and paid for by the Chinese govt.

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