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The Pathway to Transcendent Peace

The Pathway to Transcendent Peace


Did you know that you can train yourself to constantly remain in that place of perfect peace? You can experience peace and joy daily in your lives, not just when you’re in worship or in that place where you feel safe. Interestingly enough, scientifically we can create neuropathways to go toward certain areas in our brains. The more neuropathways we create going toward a specific area, the faster and more efficiently we can access that area. This is one reason why God emphasized meditation so much in the Bible. We literally transform our brains to look like His when we think about the things He thinks about. In a society that has struggled to overcome stressors of all kinds, anxiety, fear, confusion, and anger, the Lord very clearly put it on my heart to write this book to guide people into peace using Biblical principles. I want to get this information out to everyone! I know that the information that I share right here, right now, is going to set you and so many others free from everything that holds you back from total emersion in the peace of the Lord! For too long, Satan has kept us from being consistently in a place of peace that surpasses understanding. I know, the struggle is so real. No matter where you are at in your daily walk, I want to affirm you. You are doing a great job. You are doing enough. I bless you with the peace of Jesus that makes you whole to cause you to enter into transcendent peace and remain there! I look forward to hearing your testimony of overcoming, entering into His peace, and remaining there consistently!

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