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Purple, The Color.

This is my favorite Color. Here's a funny story for you about this color. I am colorblind, though that doesn't affect may ability to interpret because I don't interpret based on my perception, but based off of the bible. For a long time I thought that the color purple was blue. Everyone would ask me what my favorite color was and I would say, "Blue!" After a few years I was informed that the shade of "blue" that I loved so much was actually a royal purple... Not a navy blue.

Purple is very straight forward as to what it means in most cases in dreams and in scripture. When you think of the color purple you typically think of nobility, kings, and authority and you are right to do so. In the days of yore purple was a very rare very difficult color to obtain for clothing. It was produced by gathering certain sea snails that came from the Mediterranean Sea. The rarity of this dye made the clothing that it stained very valuable and very expensive. Thus, mostly nobility and those of great wealth could afford to wear purple linen, not commoners. This is why purple typically represents authority in dreams.

When we read Exodus we see that the priestly garment had Purple woven into it. This indicates that purple is also a color of priestly authority and duty. It notes to us that the priest of the time is almost like a type of royalty in the spiritual realm. Peter confirms this notion by stating, " But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God's special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light."

Issachar is the ninth son. The ninth stone on the breastplate of judgment is Amethyst which is purple in color. By reading the blessing of Jacob in Genesis 49, "Issachar is a strong donkey laying down in between two burdens." is what it says in Hebrew, and considering what the duty of a priest is, we can also ascertain that purple can represent taking on the burdens of others. Interestingly, the number nine has several meanings that relate to this.

Nine represents judgment ( the breastplate of judgment), harvest and fruitfulness (the reward of the work of you hands), the womb (bringing life forth by interceding before God (spiritual growth), duality (good/evil) (being between two burdens: two represents choice), concealment (sacrifices made by priests atoned for sin, covered, concealed sin), truth (Jesus is the High Priest, he is the Truth), loving-kindness (Priests love God and are supposed to be an epitome of kindness to the people. Jesus is known for his kindness), fruit of the Spirit (produced by effectually working in the spirit), turn to look upon/gaze (only priests could stand before God in the altar, now we may stand before him and look upon him. We may look upon Jesus who is the image of God), hour of prayer (Priests then and now intercede for others in prayer).

The opposite end of this color would have the inverse meaning in a dream. It can represent false authority, wrong judgment, fruit of the flesh, Double mindedness, sin, being unrepentant, indulgence, luxury, serpent, lying spirit. Determining the context of the dream, meaning what is happening, will help you to determine the appropriate meaning of the color.

I hope this has been a blessing to you, and provided some amazing revelation for you. Be blessed my friends.

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