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Baseball Dreams.

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

It's the classic tale of Good verses evil; a rivalry of the ages. Baseball is considered to be America's past time. Everyone knows the very basics of the game, but does everyone understand the spiritual Dynamic of baseball? Let's take a quick look at what baseball can mean in dreams.

First of all, let's Talk about games in dreams. The word "Game" is not specifically used in the bible. The closest version we have to it in Greek is the word agon. Agon means a gathering, a contest, or struggle. It is where we derive the word agony, or agonize. Properly it is a grueling conflict (fight); (figuratively) positive struggle that goes with "fighting the good fight of faith" (1 Tim 6:12; Hebrews 12:1).

The Baseball field- First of all, the field represents an area of your heart that either the enemy is fighting for, God is fighting for, or you are fighting for. In another context, in Matthew 13 we unravel the secret which Jesus explains as the parable of the weeds. Jesus explains that the seeds is the word of God that was planted in the hearts of men and the soils represent the hardness and pliability of their hearts to receive God's word. Later in Matthew 13 Jesus says the field represents the world and the bad seed is the workers of the enemy.

In the New Testament we see the word field used. Fields may also represent the area that you minister in or work in, the people that you minister to, the dwelling place of God, or even Christians. We gain this understanding from the verse in 1 Corinthians 3:9 that states, "For we are co-workers in God's service; you are God's field, God's building."

Balls in dreams, such as baseballs, bowling balls etc. represent well rounded and perfectly formed plans. "He will roll you up tightly like a ball and throw you ..." Isaiah 22:18. In the positive context it can be what you are throwing at the enemy, or the opposing team. In a negative sense it is what the enemy is throwing at you. When it is the opposing enemy throwing pitches at you it represents a weapon that is formed against you.

How well the game is being played and the teams that you are playing for, or against, represents what is happening in the spirit or in life. On the negative side it could represent people playing games or a rivalry that is opposing you in some way. Each player has a role and they are trying to accomplish the same ends which is a victory over the other team.

The pitcher is the one that is throwing things at you, or making pitches. It can be the enemy spirit that is calling the shots and causing others to come into agreement with the type of attack they will use. How you respond or react shows how well the other team’s plans are working against you or for you. Hitting a home run would show that someone threw something at you, and you took off with it and, “hit it out of the park.” It is a positive experience.

Hitting a grounder or line ball can represent staying grounded or operating within legal limits. A double may represent blessing or double portion; or in the negative context division. Fly ball may represent making a play at what the enemy tried to throw at you, but it may cost you an out or get you a base or two (but it's in the air). If the team opposing is unable to respond you could potentially score a base or make a move causing someone on your team to help you accomplish your goal of getting home. You may have as many fouls as you want without there being any consequence after it reaches two strikes, but it is slippery slope and could cause a problem. 

A strike, or a strike out may represent a strike against you. Something that has been held against you in some way, shape, or form. It denotes that things are not going in your favor. In baseball it's three strikes and you're out.

If you are having dreams that you are constantly striking out this could indicate that you are missing the mark in some way. It can be a type of warning dream letting you know that things are not happening the way they should. You are swinging too soon, your swinging too late, you're not keeping your eye in the ball or you are swinging at things that outside of the parameters of what God has prescribed for you to stay within in order to have a fair chance of making a good play and connecting with the ball in your favor. If you are having these types of dreams then you should ask God what you can do to get it right and be able to progress.

Well, I feel as though if I progress much further on this topic it may too much to take in all at once. There are so many spiritual dynamics involved with sports, and games that I could write an entire book about it. Alas, I digress. I hope that his has been a blessing to you. Be well, and be blessed.

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