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America Will Be Restored - Prophetic Word

Greetings from Fireside Grace Ministries!   

We'd like to share some of the prophetic words that God has shared with us. We would like to preface that the following prophecies are not always a good thing. God speaks through Robyn and Brandi so that we can intercede and change things before they occur. They encourage every single reader to continually pray over the prophecies stated so that we can make a difference in the world. In sharing these, Robyn and Brandi's intentions are to remind everyone that there is great power in corporate prayer and to never lose sight that God will do what He says He will do. 

The following prophecies are from a video posted on July 12, 2023, titled, “America Will Be Restored.”

Urgent Prayer and Repentance for America 

We’ve been praying for America to be restored, we’ve been praying for breakthrough, we've been praying for turnover, we've been praying for the lies to be exposed in this nation. After series upon series of people not doing what God has been putting on their hearts to do and giving in to the darkness, things haven't changed. 

The Lord said it's imperative we continue to pray and to press in, believing God for miracles. We need to not assume that just because His will or desire is for the restoration of America, that it will happen without the churches intercession. The Lord informed me today that many stopped praying for restoration, for overturn, for change, and so the enemy has been allowed to advance. God has a plan to move through certain people, but we backed off as hope was deferred through legal case after legal case being rejected. Therefore the body of Christ rejected God, yet it appeared as though they rejected the prophets and prophecy because of it, saying the prophets were false and they were liars. The prophets repented and lamented in the same manner the prophet Samuel lamented to God. This is a word to the prophets. They haven't rejected you, they have rejected God. They have believed the circumstance over the faithfulness of God and allowed what they see to determine their faith. 

In July of 2022, I was taken to heaven. The Lord said that He was angry. When I went up, I was face down on the ground. I couldn't lift my head up to look, I couldn't move my arms or body. It was bright, with bright lights and colors. I heard people crying and singing out, “Hallelujah, He is worthy of all praise!” I could see some angels in the background, I could see the great cloud of witnesses, and I could see the throne at the bottom and the feet of God. I could see Jesus. The two things I could see clearly were the feet of God and Jesus pacing back and forth. 

Jesus was very upset. Not sad, but angry. He said, “They think that they're in control and they decide what happens in this nation, but I’m in control. I'm going to show them what I’m going to do! The church thinks I'm going to do nothing, that I’m not going to come back, that I’m going to do nothing and let this church perish! I will show them!” He was not happy with the government and the body of Christ in this moment and hour. He said He is coming back very soon and will deal with the church and the government. He told me to tell people. 

I should have known that when I was there, and Jesus said that very earnestly, shouting, that something was wrong. I should have known that time last year that the church had almost entirely lost faith in God’s desire to restore America, and the church was giving up. 

However, the Lord is saying there is still a chance. There is still time if the church will move with repentant hearts, ask for forgiveness, and press into the Lord, not returning to despair yet again. There needs to be sustained repentance and the body needs to press in and continually declare what will happen in this nation. We the prophets are telling you what could happen if things don't change now. You need to declare what will happen and believe it regardless of what it looks like. Your faith is to hope in things in which you can not see. If you can see it, you don't have to have hope for it. If we press in and we seek the Lord’s face to shine on this nation once again, we will see reformation and delay of the terrible things that are to come to America. 

If you who are reading this will do these things, repent, and trust the Lord, He will do the rest. He is faithful to fulfill His word because He is not a liar. He will spread this message like wildfire though all the prophets and you will see what He does. You have to come to a place of repentance. 

The Lord told me I was guilty of this. I had hope deferred, that I accused the Lord. Then He reminded me of a time when I was praying and I asked Him, “Why aren't You doing the things You said You were going to do. You said You would bring overturn, You gave me a dream, You took me to heaven, You said You would do these things. Why haven't You done it?” I accused God of being a liar instead of asking what happened, why is there delay right now? What has happened, Lord?

I was destroyed. I know so many people have said the same thing to me. “Why didn't God do anything? Nothing has happened. It's hard to hold on. It's hard not to get angry.” We have to stop accusing God and stop accusing the prophets and take responsibility for our own words, actions, and what we believed would happen in this time, for what we have been declaring is going to happen in this nation. Instead, we need to declare what will happen in this nation. 

That doesn't mean we pray against the leaders, that God exposes them, kills them, and sends them to hell. We pray for our leaders in the capacity that they will make righteous decisions. If there is a leader in this nation that does not make righteous decisions, or follow the voice of the Lord, that he will be removed and that seat will be filled with a righteous leader who will hear the voice of the Lord. Do this every single day for your state, for your county, for your city, for your country. 

Let's take a minute to submit to God and repent right now. Reflect in your hearts right now. God, have I accused You of not doing what You said You would do? Have I been unfaithful? Have I called You a liar? Have I not believed that You will do the things that You said? Have I said that this nation is going to hell in a handbasket? Have I said nothing has changed, nothing is going to change? Have I declared these curses over the nation? Have I declared judgment over the people of this nation? Have I declared judgment over the leaders of this nation? Have I declared a death sentence on the politicians I don't like, that I believe are evil? I repent of these things, Lord. I am guilty. I don't deserve Your forgiveness or justice, but Lord I ask for Your forgiveness and I thank You that You are faithful to forgive us when we repent. I know I am clean and forgiven. I'm so thankful for Your mercy and grace, that You gave us enough time and enough warning to turn back towards You. I'm sorry, Lord, that we have been arrogant. We have been wrong, Lord. I agree with You, God. I agree with Your word and what you said despite what it looks like. Save this nation, Lord. Restore this nation. Have Your glory, in Jesus’ name, amen. 

Removal of the Constitution 

The Lord said there's a plan in effect to remove the constitution and make it void. They want to create an emergency in which they can assume emergency authority and take total power over this nation. They desire to use martial law to control the nation with an iron fist and never repent nor relent from that power. They desire to use the military to attack the people and implement their totalitarian authority. They desire to create a civil war in America in order to do so. A terrible division of the United States would occur should the church not intercede, earnestly seek the Lord, and engage in spiritual warfare in order to prevent this from coming and happening in the states. 

Pray now, intercede, declare what is going to happen in this nation, and stop the blood shed. This is urgent! We need to do our part as prophetic intercessors. Tomorrow’s Headlines Today is prophetic intercession. It's to tell you what bad things could be coming to the country, and to pray and intercede, and what good things God wants to come to pass. It's not just for you to sit here and get entertained, or get informed of what's going to happen. It's for you to intercede for this nation and I take it very seriously. It's why we don't quit, it's why we press in. 

We have watched events be changed that the Lord said were going to happen, and then we declared what the newspaper was going to say when it was changed. It has happened and it is documented. We need to intercede to prevent this from happening. You interceded and saw Roe vs Wade overturned, even though many people, and most of the church said it was impossible, it will never happen. Yet, Roe vs Wade was overturned. Roe vs Wade was supposed to be overturned after the elections were overturned because a curse was going to be removed. But we did not repent. We didn't trust God. We didn't believe in God. We have to. We have to trust God. We have to believe God. Even though it looks like it's impossible, all things are possible with God. All things are possible for God. 

Supreme Court Justice Steps Down

We’re going to see an unexpected step down or resignation of a Supreme Court justice. They're going to try and claim that they fear the direction this nation is heading in, and that they believe someone else should fill their seat that can bring hope, change, and reformation to the nation. However, this is just a farce. This is something that they're being coerced to do. A lot will be exposed and this will backfire on them. I'm not sure exactly how. 

Rebellion in Kazakhstan 

The Lord said there would be rebellion in Kazakhstan and it would hurt the price of Bitcoin and affect the entire stock market worldwide due to power outages and more at that time. The good news is, it will go back up like wildfire. 

Push to Raise Minimum Wage

The Lord said there's going to be, I want to say within a year, a push to raise the minimum wage nationwide. This would be done not in an effort to actually help people and give them a livable wage, but it will be done as a ploy to try to stimulate the economy short term and make the Democratic Party look good as though they did something to help the people. However, they know full well that this will temporarily stimulate the economy short term and increase inflation overall. However, the Lord will allow this to happen in order to bless this nation according to a plan that He has implemented. He's letting them raise minimum wage, but He’s going to do something that makes it so this nation is blessed so as everyone gets a higher wage, the nation is still blessed and the cost of everything doesn't necessarily go through the roof. 

Rebuilding of the Temple and New Laws in Israel 

I saw something was going to happen. I saw something involving tourism, I think the temple was being rebuilt or was rebuilt. Israel had opened up to tourists who wanted to see the temple. Of course, we'd be considered Gentiles and we technically shouldn't be allowed to go into the temple according to the Jewish law. According to our law, we should be able to. 

The Lord said Israel will make laws protecting Christians from abuse and persecution for a short while. In doing so, they will be very blessed. This will result in a great move of God in the nation and a great revival that saves many. The Lord told me this would be short lived. The government that's in place, the Jewish leaders, they wouldn't like that very much because they don't like Christians. Not much has changed in the Pharisees' hearts. 

Ark of the Covenant Restored to Israel  

The location and revelation of the mercy seat, or the ark of the covenant, will be brought forth soon. There will be vindication for many as false accusations are put to rest and the ark is restored to Israel. When we see the ark of the covenant restored, it is a time when we know for a fact that the end of the days is nearly at hand. 


Thank you for reading! We hope that you will join us in praying regarding each of these prophecies. We bless each and every one of you! 

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